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|process management|BPR|BPR|process mapping The particular application is concerned with a BPR case demonstrating how a world leader content provider for Internet, employed BPR principles to justify a technology initiative for transforming the process of handling employee expenses and vendor invoices.

FirstSTEP is a comprehensive BPM tool giving business people the power to design, document, analyze, refine, incrementally improve and make a clear business case for process change.

Different phases of BPM are supported by a comprehensive set of FirstSTEP
tools. These include:

  • FirstSTEP Designer: To model, simulate and analyze business processes

  • FirstSTEP Viewer: To distribute, validate and test models

  • FirstSTEP Charter for Visio®: To create process models

  • FirstSTEP Designer for Unicenter® TNG?: To monitor business processes.

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Identify how the context process model is used to scope the system. BUSINESS TEMPLATES contain the group definitions for activities, resources, materials (business objects which are entities being inputs/outputs to activities), icons and calendars that are common to a specific industry or sector. FirstSTEP can thus be customized to various types of enterprises (i.e., financial, healthcare, government, manufacturing, etc.). Similarly, it can be customized to every organization and for every model allowing the user to define the attributes of common or similar objects only once. FirstSTEP Object Model Busi- Business Templates Model- Modeling & Mapping Tools Process Simulation

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