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Generative AI Process, Risk & Regulatory Management!

Never Map or Analyze a Process Manually Again!

Imagine effortlessly crafting and optimizing detailed processes and documentation in mere seconds, not hours.

Interfacing’s AI system transforms the landscape of process development and documentation optimization, seamlessly removing the manual labor traditionally associated with creating and enhancing intricate workflows.

With unparalleled speed and precision, our AI becomes your dynamic ally, generating comprehensive first drafts and refining existing documentation with unmatched efficiency.

The Power of Interfacing’s Process Creation AI

Builds Complete Process Flows

Our AI tool not only creates
end-to-end processes but also dives into the details with flow object’s descriptions, roles, and responsibilities.

Ease of Use

Our AI is designed for easy adoption, ensuring your team effortlessly understands and masters its capabilities, with no extensive training required.

Creates Entire Process Libraries

Our AI effortlessly creates entire process libraries, organizing processes and sub-processes in a streamlined hierarchy for efficient workflow management.

Rapid Results

Experience the speed of innovation with our AI – it outpaces traditional methods, propelling your projects forward and ensuring your team achieves results at an unparalleled pace.

Kickstart Your Projects

No more starting from square one; our AI takes care of the groundwork, allowing your experts to focus on refining and optimizing processes.

Quality Processes

Our AI excels at generating processes through advanced algorithms. It leverages extensive datasets and industry best practices to understand diverse business needs.

The Benefits of Interfacing’s Documentation AI

Alignment With Best Practices

Request custom best practices catering to your operating systems, countries, and unique needs. It’s more than advice; it’s your pathway to optimized performance.

Standardized Content

The AI system ensures consistency in content creation across different users and objects, upholding a standardized and professional documentation approach.

Optimizing Existing Content

our AI not only creates content from scratch but optimizes descriptions, guides and procedures already documented.

Interfacing’s Key AI Features

Process Map Creation

Generate a Process Map in a Few Clicks

Discover the power of our feature as it effortlessly generates detailed end-to-end process map.

What do we mean by “end-to-end”? The A.I. takes care of automatically creating processes that include:

  • Flow objects
  • Materials
  • Annotations
  • Assigned responsible roles
  • Flow Object Descriptions

This streamlined process ensures a comprehensive representation of your workflow, saving you time and effort.

Process Optimization

Elevate Your Operations: Bridging Gaps, Enhancing Efficiency

Immerse your organization in the transformative capabilities of our AI system. It delves deep into your existing processes, unveiling previously unnoticed gaps, inefficiencies, and errors.

With the power of AI, your documentation takes on a dynamic life, consistently evolving and adapting to the ever-changing business landscape. It’s not just documentation; it’s a living entity that grows with your business.

Documentation Creation

Quick and Tailored Content on Demand

Imagine effortlessly obtaining fresh, tailor-made documentation to meet your specific needs, infused with your unique best practices, operating systems, and country-specific requirements.

Organizations can automate the creation of:

  • Step-by-step guides
  • Rule and System descriptions
  • Policies
  • Documentation templates

Step into a new standard in documentation creation, where customization converges with automation.

Documentation Optimization

Elevate Your Documentation: AI's Seamless Upgrade from Outdated Content

Explore the incredible capability of our AI to smartly enhance your outdated content, creating a strong foundation for fresh and improved documentation.

Our AI ensures you don’t need to reinvest when making the move from the old to the new, saving time and resources without compromising quality.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Precision Automation for Regulatory Compliance

Extend the capabilities of Interfacing’s AI system beyond process creation to ensure precision automation in regulatory compliance, risk management, and control libraries.

Automatically identify regional and industry-specific compliance needs, create comprehensive risk registries for assessment, and generate dynamic control libraries for enhanced governance.

With precision and automation, our AI system paves the way for a robust and resilient business environment.

Risk & Control

Empowering Proactive Risk Management

Unlock the power of Interfacing’s AI system as a proactive shield for risks and controls. In a world where manual procedures often lead to non-compliance risks, our AI acts as a shield against such issues.

By proactively advising users of potential compliance conflicts, it ensures your processes adhere to regulatory standards.

The AI not only digitizes activities, eliminating redundancies but also becomes a guiding force in risk management and control libraries.

Why Interfacing?

Elevate your business with Enterprise Process Center® (EPC)—your go-to hub for Business Process Improvement & BPM Analysis. Our centralized repository, secured in a user-friendly environment, seamlessly connects all facets of your organization, creating a comprehensive 360-degree blueprint. Simplify complexity and enhance efficiency with EPC.

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Paper Quality Documents

Modeling & Documentation

At the core of Enterprise Process Center® is a centralized repository that stores and manages processes and related information within a user-friendly and intuitive environment.

AI Document Process Mining Parser

AI Document Mining Parser

Our Parser tool analyzes the text within your files and automatically discovers your processes, regulations, systems, roles / responsibilities, terms, acronyms and other related business entities.

low code rapid application development

Gain Transparency with the Enterprise Process Center®

Interfacing’s Digital Twin Organization software provides the transparency and Governance to improve Quality, Efficiency and ensure Regulatory Compliance.

low code rapid application development

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