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Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – APAC


October 19 & 20, 2022,  Bangkok, Thailand

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Interfacing Solutions

  • Single Solution Platform – Ease of Use – Reportable, searchable and filterable
  • Object Orientated Processes – Data Associated – Attach reusable fragments of data like Roles, Docs
  • Collaborate – Change Requests – Raise feedback and change request, with complete lifecycle, including approvals and informing stakeholders of new versions
  • Generate Procedures and SOPs – Adaptable templates can be defined per use cases to generate documentation on-the-fly
  • 50+ out-of-box reports + Flexible Dashboards – Easy-to-adapt reports & BI reporting
  • Open RESTful APIs and web services – Integration, middleware connector, import/exports
  • Analyze your Processes – Leverage Lean Analysis, Bottlenecks, and Simulation to continuously improve your processes

Integrated Management System (IMS)

  • Highlight customer touchpoints in processes
  • Automated review & improvement cycle
  • Processes visible and requirements traceable
  • Alignment of drivers, strategy & initiatives
  • Standardized and documented processes
  • Central repository to maintain all knowledge
  • Embedded approval cycle & decision-making
  • More agile changes & digital SOP
  • Measure KPIs and performance of processes
  • Evaluate downstream impacts of a change to stakeholders, systems, customers & data

What it is!

  • A unique regulatory DIGITAL DATA management solution
  • A document DATA parsing solution fragmenting DATA into reusable fragments
  • A system that manages complex graph models that can generate unique visualizations and intelligent impact models
  • A fully INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (IMS) data-driven solution aligned with Digital Twin & Quality 4.0
  • A tool that supports process automation, including forms automation, supporting access from anywhere and workflows

Business Continuity Management

We understand that the requirements placed on organizations in terms of compliance are very high and that ISO9000, ISO13845, ISO17025, ISO27001, and SOC 2 for example, is an essential part of that program. 

Our BCM tool ensures full visibility and tracking from end-to-end, all the way from the creation and amendment of a regulation to the approval and revision of the content through to the update and retraining of employees for standard operating procedures (SOPs). 

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • Gain of informational knowledge from reusable date
  • Gain from digitization of SOPs – REPORTABLE
  • Complete traceability of all changes, audit trail
  • More details – from parsed documents
  • Enforce retention period for all records (
  • Ease of version management – compare, restore
  • Control with archive, restore for all SOP data

Low Code Rapid Application Development

Its time to change the way you build applications by introducing Interfacing’s Digital Business Platform (DBP) to your stack. High-availability, high productivity, connected and deep data assisted tools are available for developers and citizen users to build and deploy a wide range of applications.

Quickly deploy apps from consumer focused to back-end complex critical business systems in hours, not days!

IT & Process Improvement

  • Reduction of cost to standardize (formatting, templates, document structure, doc change)
  • Update once, controlled version
  • Automated Workflows
  • Automated Follow-ups, Notifications
  • Streamlined Review and Approval process
  • Ability to Track Changes, more Transparent
  • Centralized reporting on all data, audit
low code rapid application development

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A.I. Document Process Mining Parser

NLP AI (Natural Language Processing using Artificial Intelligence) simplifies the digital transformation of moving from file-based documentation to reusable data fragment management.

This means that the AI based Document Process Mining Parser analyzes the text within your files and automatically discovers your processes, regulations, systems, roles / responsibilities, terms, acronyms and other related business entities.

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