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Interfacing's Partner Program

An Interfacing partnership is an excellent way to strengthen your presence and expertise in a wide variety of rapidly growing and profitable industries.
Become a partner today!

Consultant / Referral

Referral partners introduce
Interfacing to organizations
searching for a software Integrated Management Solution.


Take advantage of lead generation, collaboration, marketing resources, new revenue streams and more.


Technology partners develop
enhanced solutions that are
optimized with Interfacing’s software.

Partner Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of a partnership with Interfacing and take advantage of the solution differentiation your organization can offer to current and future clients.

How Do You Benefit?

Deliver Better and more Long-term Solutions to your Clients

Differentiate your offering by providing long-term value to your clients vs. short-term gains (eg. analysis using Visio, Excel, etc.) and confidently present your clients with a productive long-term management value solution that will increase efficiency and save costs using effective workflow management and automation.

Co-Develop Opportunities, Joint Pitches

Joint strategy to increase visibility among client base. Application training and sharing of expertise. Explore potential opportunities within your existing network.

Go after potential key clients. Leverage mutual experience in the regulated industries. Lean on product leadership. Positioned as Digital QMS and Digital Content Management experts.

Benefit from Providing Sticky Solutions

Increase your opportunity of recurring services. Quickly become a continuous single point of reference as the SME and first contact when scaling the solution whether inter-departmentally or globally.

Leave them with a concrete, positive reminder of the engagement in the form of software embedded in your services.

New Revenue Stream

Interfacing contracts our partners to scale up for delivery on large engagements. Additionally, you have the opportunity to generate a revenue stream from Interfacing SaaS License sales.

Partner Benefits


Increase the visibility of your services within your clients’ organizations.

Leave them with a concrete, positive reminder of the engagement in the form of software embedded in your services.

Differentiate your service offerings from those of your competitors.

Implement a standardized framework for integrating clients’ IT systems.

Expand your product offering.

Instantly become an IMS (Integrated Management System) technology provider as an authorized reseller of the EPC.

Create a tie-back for your clients to generate repeat business

Clients will come to you for additional services as their project grows with the EPC.


Facilitate requirements-gathering and configuration management.

Improve the visibility of the “as-is” process for a complete understanding of client requirements and streamline the transition to the “to-be” state.

Profit from a new source of revenues.

Redistribute our technology and generate commissions from software sales.


Gain confidence in your ability to consistently meet delivery commitments.

Minimize project risk by leveraging a formalized knowledge base to benchmark client expectations and scope RFPs.


Minimize change requests.

Minimize change requests. Reduce the need for costly rework with an enhanced ability to meet client requirements and expectations.


Simplify the deployment of your current product offering.

Leverage the EPC as an intermediary tool for facilitating systems.

Leverage our extensive expertise to expand your service offering.

The EPC opens doors for your firm as it broadens the scope of your consulting capabilities.

Reduce end-user resistance and training.

Simplify change management with clearly documented “to-be” processes and accessible software for the business user.

Create a centralized repository of reusable project knowledge to jump-start service engagements.

Leverage your firm’s past project experience to start new projects with the groundwork already in place.


Standardize and document your service delivery processes.

Be confident in the ability of even your most junior employees to consistently deliver high-quality services every time they interact with your clients.


Streamline future change requests.

Increase your flexibility for implementing future change by managing processes, services, and applications independently and by documenting the current state down to the execution level.

Increase agility and accelerate implementation.

Leverage the EPC Workflow engine as the backbone for systems integration.

Independent Consultant / Referral Partner

Becoming a partner consultant means you are providing options to your customers using Interfacing’s award winning, industry leading digital transformation platform, Enterprise Process Center® (EPC).


Industry Leading Digital Solutions

Give your clients a solution that easily aligns with their requirements. For those expanding their revenue portfolio, generate new royalties by promoting Interfacing’s, award winning software platform. 


Sticky Solutions

Increase your opportunity of recurring services. Quickly become a continuous single point of reference as the SME and first contact when scaling the solution whether inter-departmentally or globally.


Leverage New Business

With knowledge and experience learned with our solutions, you will be able to leverage to you, services for new opportunities as a consultant on future prospect contracts. 


Widen Your Project Bid-space

Bid on more projects by offering a more comprehensive, robust solution to your clients.


Increased Service Offerings

Differentiate your business from your competitors by adding more value to your available portfolio of service offerings.


Grow Your Client Base With Increased Offerings

Become an extension of Interfacing’s consulting team. Interfacing will outsource consulting work to your team of experts to ensure successful customer engagements.

Add value to your existing customer base and identify new clients by increasing overall offerings.

Reseller Partner

Becoming a reseller partner means you are providing greater options to your customers using Interfacing’s award winning, industry leading digital transformation platform, Enterprise Process Center® (EPC). You will see a larger share of revenue from enhanced offerings and providing solutions over and above all existing COTS products.


Improve Offerings to Existing Clients

You are improving your overall business solution to your existing customer base acting as a partner to our product and services offerings.


Lead Generation

In addition to benefits to your existing clients, your organization will also take advantage of Interfacing Technologies lead generation opportunities.


Joint Sales Process

Participation and support in joint Demo’s, RFP’s along the sales life-cycle.


Expanded Offerings for RFI's

You will be able to list technologies on essential projects that we have already integrated with, leveraging your ability to confidently complete more RFI’s with your newly expanded set of features and offerings.


Integration Use Case - Data

You can sell to your current client base without any redundancy of data.


Integration Use Case - Leverage Your Platform in New Ways

You will be able to leverage Interfacing’s additional modules to help sell your platform.


Integration Use Case - Leverage Your Platform's Environment

Use our documentation platform as a solution for configuration management and deployment of your platform; including requirements gathering, customization options, deployment (e.g. UATs), on-boarding/off-boarding and more.


Revenue Generation

You will now be able offer a major differentiator of services designed to help increase your bottom line. Offering solutions beyond typical COTS products currently on the market means you will be able to offer customized solutions directly to existing and new customers.


Existing EPC user base opportunity

Your business will be able to offer new or existing services to current EPC clients. You will also have the option to upsell specific consulting services related to your training on the EPC platform.


Additional Revenue Streams

In addition to consulting on projects, as a reseller, you will now add an additional revenue stream to your business. This would include new SaaS recurring revenue options.

Technology Partner

In addition to all above benefits, as a technology partner, you will work directly with Interfacing’s Product group to develop industry-leading, high-performance solutions.



100% of our application platform is built on our API. This means that EPC is very easily integrated with your applications.


Offerings Made from an Existing Integration

Be able to integrate better into your clients environment by offering an existing integrated solution, helping to increase your opportunity to sell for customers that own the application.


Integration Made Easy

Enterprise Process Center®, has been designed with an out-of-the-box integration module so your business may develop  plugins to new or existing applications. This gives your clients the ability to automate using their workflow technology, thus simplifying the integration of any of the client’s applications.


Robust Solution Offerings

Provide better solutions because there is no duplication of work and effort in data.


Filling the GAP

Don’t leave money on the table by not offering a full-fledged solution. Stay ahead of your competition who are offering a more comprehensive solution. Scale your solution offerings for example in deployment services, out-of-box processes, analyzing an environment’s current state and more.


Middleware adaptability

Acting as a middleware component, Interfacing’s EPC platform can be customized to function in-between your application and EPC. This pull/push of metadata can be designed as a project or custom-built as a technology partner to dynamically transfer data to & from our platform.


Providing a Broad Spectrum of Knowledge

Technology partners are knowledgeable of Interfacing’s QMS, process operations and manufacturing solutions.


Expertise in Regulatory and Compliance Processes

Technology partners provide expertise in regulatory and compliance processes to clients. They also offer a wide range of technology and product development capabilities to meet client expectations.

Partner Experience

Interfacing is recognized globally as a leader in quality and integrated management solutions. We enjoy helping organizations globally achieve the highest standards of excellence and our partners are equally devoted to the same goals.

Whether its government or one of a variety of other corporate industry verticals, Interfacing and our partners have been proud to serve each one where process, quality and compliance are critical to the success of the organization. If you believe as strongly as we do, we would be very eager to work with you.

As a partner, you will also bring your international experience of language, culture, customs and business practices, specific to your region. A partnership with Interfacing provides both of us with an invaluable opportunity to strengthen our global reach.

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