BPM Audit Procedures Professional Services

BPM Audit Procedures with the help of Interfacing's BPMN Professionals.Contact us for BPM Audit Services
Audit Procedures

BPM Audit Procedures Services

BPM Audit Procedures have additional benefits for automated processes. If you are using our Workflow engine for process automation and execution, the audits will evaluate the effectiveness of your process design in terms of systems integration, SOA principles, simplicity for business users, and performance.

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Benefits of Process & Workflow Audit Services

Ensure Use of Best Practices

Leverage our expertise to ensure the use of BPM and EPC best-practices and to save time on change implementation.

Ensure Optimal Utilization of EPC

Ensure optimal utilization of the EPC’s modules and features to maximize the value of its deployment.

Maximize & Accelerate ROI

Expand your use of the EPC to maximize and accelerate ROI.

Enhance your BPM Program

Rediscover previously-forgotten EPC features and techniques to enhance your BPM program

Improve Processes

Improve processes while conserving internal human and time resources.

Promote Continuous Process Improvement

Promote an organization-wide culture of continuous process improvement.

Process & Workflow Audit

Our Process and workflow Audit services are designed to maximize the value derived from your BPM program and to facilitate the growth and development of your EPC implementation. Having invested in your BPM initiative and the enabling software, it is important to have BPM experts validate a sample of your work in order to avoid mistakes and minimize the need for costly rework. Our Process Audits are comprehensive and systematic evaluations of your EPC content and architecture based on industry best-practices to identify problem areas and improvement opportunities, and to ensure that your material reflects your organization’s BPM goals and expectations. The service can then be extended to include the implementation of our recommended changes so that you leverage our expertise to save your company time and money.

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