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Banking & Capital Markets

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BPM Banking and Capital Markets

Governing Business Complexity for Banking Institutions

In the banking industry, agility and customer service are primary concerns. The arena is highly competitive and banking institutions simply cannot afford to falter in either of these areas at any point in time. On the other hand, the stringent rules and regulations play a key role in governing business complexity, making it difficult to remain focused on customer service or market adaptability.

BPM Banking & Capital Markets Process Management


Empowers you with the capabilities to offer consistent service levels across all products and services.


Allows you to maintain accountability with customers and ensure flawless reputation management.

Compliance Audit

Remain prepared for compliance audits without requiring investment of time, effort or manpower during the period before audit.

Maximize Transparency

Lets you maximize transparency and thus ensure that trust in your business grows year after year.


Enables standardization of critical processes, which makes it simple, easy and error- free for new employees to step seamlessly into key roles without compromise to service efficiency or quality.

Workflow Management

Helps you manage workflow, allocate work over the best resources and maintain a productive environment within the institution while ensuring that quality management is always top priority.

Compliance Management

Support in managing compliance requirements with ease even if with insufficient turnaround time to implement new regulations or standards in a complex business context.

The Importance of Governance and Compliance

It is absolutely critical to pay utmost attention to governance and compliance requirements while still ensuring that the business retains its ability to quickly adapt to market needs. This is possible only when a truly effective Business Process Management system is in place, allowing the business to experience continuous improvement in the face of the changing customer preferences and the evolving regulatory landscape.

Key Challenges

One of the key challenges for banking institutions is that they have to remain increasingly competitive in a global marketplace. The problem with this is that the institution is actually competing against others that may have more relaxed regulatory guidelines to follow, giving them a clear advantage. This gap can be bridged when the institution has the flexibility to adopt new processes and integrate them into the existing systems quickly and efficiently.


Another need here is that optimal collaboration among employees is an absolute necessity for any banking institution to maintain exceptional customer service levels and to support new initiatives. Both these objectives can be met with our effective BPM system, Enterprise Process Center (EPC), on board. EPC allows your process flow to be clearly defined and resource utilization to be carried out with peak efficiency. This lays the foundation for your organization’s agility in the marketplace and its ability to adapt to marketplace needs without compromising on product/ service quality or efficiency, which leads to profitability both over the short and long term.

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