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Learn about the benefits, different Partners Programs and how to become a partner.
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BPM Partner Program

Interfacing’s Partner Program allows you to provide your clients with complete, exceptional-quality solutions that go beyond the standard BPM technology offering. We are actively looking to expand our network of strategic alliances with mutually-beneficial partnerships that extend our global reach and complement our existing product and service offerings.

When we look for BPM partners, we are committed to finding the right fit. We believe that complementary core competencies and organizational cultures are critical in sustaining long-term Partner. Once you have been selected as an Interfacing Partner, you can expect our total commitment to the success of the partnership.

Our BPM partners are industry leaders and recognized experts in their respective fields, and are committed to delivering products and services of the highest standards for quality. Interfacing partners with solutions providers, systems integrators, and resellers that specialize in a broad range of industries.

BPM Partner Benefits

Solutions Providers

Increase the visibility of your services within your clients’ organizations.

Leave them with a concrete, positive reminder of the engagement in the form of software embedded in your services.

Create a tie-back for your clients to generate repeat business.

Clients will come to you for additional services as their project grows with the EPC.

Differentiate your service offerings from those of your competitors.

Leave your clients with a holistic process management solution that integrates seamlessly with your professional services.

Leverage our BPM expertise to expand your service offering.

The EPC opens doors for your firm as it broadens the scope of your consulting capabilities.

Standardize and document your service delivery processes.

Be confident in the ability of even your most junior employees to consistently deliver high-quality services every time they interact with your clients.

Create a centralized repository of reusable project knowledge to jump-start service engagements.

Leverage your firm’s past project experience to start new projects with the groundwork already in place.

Gain confidence in your ability to consistently meet delivery commitments.

Minimize project risk by leveraging a formalized knowledge base to benchmark client expectations and scope RFPs.

Profit from a new source of revenues.

Incorporate our technology into your services and generate commissions from software sales.

System Integrators

Differentiate your service offerings from those of your competitors.

Implement a standardized framework for integrating clients’ IT systems.

Facilitate requirements-gathering and configuration management.

Improve the visibility of the “as-is” process for a complete understanding of client requirements and streamline the transition to the “to-be” state.

Minimize change requests.

Minimize change requests. Reduce the need for costly rework with an enhanced ability to meet client requirements and expectations.

Reduce end-user resistance and training.

Simplify change management with clearly documented “to-be” processes and accessible software for the business user.

Streamline future change requests.

Increase your flexibility for implementing future change by managing processes, services, and applications independently and by documenting the current state down to the execution level.

Increase agility and accelerate implementation.

Leverage the EPC Workflow engine as the backbone for systems integration.

Profit from a new source of revenues

Incorporate our technology into your services and generate commissions from software sales.


Expand your product offering.

Instantly become a BPM technology provider as an authorized reseller of the EPC.

Profit from a new source of revenues.

Redistribute our technology and generate commissions from software sales.

Simplify the deployment of your current product offering.

Leverage the EPC as an intermediary tool for facilitating systems.

Partner Levels

Become an Interfacing Partner

Become a Bronze, Silver or Gold Interfacing Partner. Fill out the form to take advantage of the many benefits listed above.