BPM Software Comparison

Unsure which edition is right for you? We’ve provided a high level comparison table to help you narrow down what is the best fit based on your needs and IT strategy.Read Product BrochureTry it right now!

EPC Standalone

For Individuals
Perpetual Desktop License or Annual Desktop Subscription License
  • Users:  Limited to 1 single user access
  • Data / Storage: Locally within same device (laptop/PC)
  • Performance:  N/A – Runs locally on single machine
  • Control / Management: Full Control, stored locally on users PC. Loss of data is high risk because no automated back-ups so loss of device means loss of data. Manual exports to external device is recommended to be completed on a regular basis.
  • Integration:  N/A – No integration with external systems for email notifications, AD resource & groups synchronization, etc.
  • Implementation:  Fast & straight forward single wizard installation. Admin rights on machine are required for installation.
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EPC On-Premise

For Teams
Perpetual Server License
  • User: Concurrent or Unlimited. Great for infrequent users and enterprise-wide user access roll-out.
  • Data / Storage: Stored behind internal firewall. Monitored Centrally.
  • Performance: No latency, running within company network and behind company firewall and proxy.
  • Control / Management: Internal IT full control over hardware and application infrastructure (security, maintenance, monitoring, connectivity), upgrade timing and access security policy control. However, this control also adds responsibility (Upgrade dates, Disaster Recovery, Backups), IT has more .
  • Integration: Easy – Local Deployment is easier to integrate with existing infrastructure.
  • Implementation: Installation is straight forward once IT has setup server and Interfacing Support team will conduct installation remotely for you. Integration with other systems is much quicker and straight forward when deployed within existing infrastructure.
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