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BPM Webinars

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Industry Expert Webinars

GDPR: Pitfalls and Best Practices, From a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) perspective

Thomas Rickert

Thomas Rickert, is the General Manager of the law firm Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft m.b.H., in this webinar he explores critical concepts around GDPR; as well as compliance with regulation requirements from a legal and operational perspective.

Thomas is an expert in domain law, brand law, copyright law, IT law, media youth protection law, marketing, and distribution law.

Using Data LifeCycle Management to Improve your Operational Performance

Piet Knijnenburg

In this webinar, Piet Knijnenburg shows how you can use Data LifeCycle Management to make the fabric of your application network robust, resilient, scalable and high performant in a relatively simple, natural way.

How To Improve Your Organization’s Performance!

Dawn Ringrose

Dawn Ringrose is Principal of Organizational Excellence Specialists and has consulted to management in areas that positively contribute to organizational performance since 1984. She has worked across the public, private, and non-profit sectors with small, medium, and large organizations and several of these organizations have earned national excellence awards.

Attend this session to learn about this formula and how your organization can apply it to achieve exceptional results – good governance, trust in leadership, customer delight, employee engagement, continually improving work processes, strong supplier and partner relationships, better utilization of resources, balanced system of measurement, and financial results.

Growth Challenges and Themes OEMs Face in the Digital Age

Alex Glaser

In this webinar, Alex Glaser explains the current challenges and success factors of OEMs in industrial markets in the digital age:


  • Framing Growth Opportunities in Industrial Markets
  • Current Challenges OEMs are Facing in The Market Place Today
  • Future Technology Requirements for Digital and IoT Deployments
  • Business Models and Monetization Opportunities
  • Ecosystems and Partnership Requirements
  • Success Factors OEMs must consider

Digital Transformation: Exploring the benefits of IoT

Kurt Kelley

Throughout the last twenty plus years of connecting people, places, and things, Kurt has personally witnessed a vast amount of change in businesses that evolved with technology. The IoT has been at the forefront of enabling these changes for several years now with the adoption curve steadily rising. Through clear and proper expectations, these connected solutions have shown impressive ROIs using post-implementation data.

In this webinar, Kurt Kelley will demonstrate the benefits of embracing the IoT as part of the digital transformation strategy with the potential to produce bottom-line results through additional revenue, increased efficiencies, and new business models. 

Lean Driven Innovation

Norbert Majerus


  • When Lean Product Development emerged in the early years of the 21st Century, American based product development practitioners took a keen interest, studied the principles, and experimented by innovatively applying the principles.
  • Over the next decade, at Goodyear in Akron Ohio, a relentless internal champion, Norbert Majerus, and a team of colleagues applied these principles, transformed Goodyear’s product development efficacy, and established Goodyear as an innovation center and a transformation model.
  • In this webinar, Norbert Majerus will take us through the highlights and key learnings of the Goodyear transformation to being an innovative Lean Product Development organization.

Digital Transformation Process Redesign

Steven Stanton

  • What’s the digitization Case for Action? What are consequences of Inaction?
  • How does digitization changes process improvement methodologies?
  • What are the dominant design patterns of digitized processes?

Next-Generation Operational Excellence

Brad Power


  • The perspective on “next-generation operational excellence,” drawing from insights he’s gained as a process innovation thought leader and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review on what leading-edge organizations are doing today to stay ahead.
  •  How organizations are responding to an explosion of digital data, shifting their software development approaches, and repositioning their entire perspective on what “operational excellence” means today.
  • The stories from digital leaders (Amazon, Google) as well as industrial and services pioneers (GE, Roche, Goldman Sachs).

Product Videos

BPM Made Simple – time: 3:06

This BPM video will introduce you to Enterprise Process Center® (EPC), Interfacing’s comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) software. It will show you how EPC will allow you to gain the high-level understanding of your business processes that can help you improve operational efficiency.

EPC Video Explainer – time: 1:05

Meet Paul. Paul is finding out how he can still manage his company’s business processes after a merger, which brings added complexity to his job. With Enterprise Process Center® as his business process management solution, he can now manage processes in a structured and centralized way.

Document Management – time: 1:29

Learn how Enterprise Process Center’s Document Management module can help you cut through seemingly endless stacks of paper to improve strategic decision-making.

Risk Management – time: 1:12

In recent years, increasingly complex regulatory environments have forced many companies to re-evaluate their Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) capabilities. Without an integrated GRC solution, your company might be facing avoidable risks that can have a direct negative impact on your bottom line. This video will show you how Enterprise Process Center’s Risk Management module can help.

There’s a Process for that – time: 1:06

This video glances over some of the advantages of the BPM methodology for facilitating collaboration and a common understanding of activities and objectives. Ongoing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) capabilities are embedded in Interfacing’s BPM suite for enhanced risk awareness, accountability, and quality control.

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