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Capability Mapping

Define foolproof strategies for your business’ growth


What is Business Capability Mapping?

While processes defines “how” business activities are carried out, capabilities are used to define “what” an organization does at its core.

Capability Mapping enables enterprise architects to illustrate and represent a high-level view of their organization from the perspective of strategic objectives, in order to align their IT strategy with their business strategy.

It facilitates the analysis of an organization’s structure and resources which will create a bigger picture of its potential and capability.

Significantly Improve your Business’ Growth Strategies by Mapping Capabilities

By using Business Capability Mapping, you will be able to find and better understand redundancies, synergies and everything that is interconnected at the organizational level. Additionally, you will be able to determine what can be regulated and outsourced, with a clear perspective of resources.


Many business variables can be assessed comprehensively with accurate capability mapping, including business motivators, performance, processes, data, opportunities, etc. Having a 360-degree view like this is critical to distinguishing what is missing and what needs to change to achieve the desired goals and how to prepare for the implementation of these important changes.


Eliminate Silos

Offer your business’s divisions a platform for planning and decision-making where different teams can understand each other.

Paper Quality Documents


Provide clear links between strategies, workflows and implementation to create a 360-degree blueprint.


Define what your organization does at its core and focus business strategies around your capabilities

Key Features

Capability Mapping

General Capability Analysis Features
  • Fully comprehend the changes needed to improve the business’ capabilities
  • Plan and prioritize implementation efforts in the most effective way possible
  • Presented in EPC as a color coded capability hierarchy graph to create a true Capability Mapping look and feel.

SWOT Analysis

Tried-and-true Tool of Strategic Analysis
  • Identify internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving the objectives of the capability.
  • Define your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats presented as a visual Matrix in EPC.

Capability Maturity Model

A 5-level Capability Maturity Continuum
  • Set structured levels, describing how well the capability can reliably and sustainably produce required outcomes.
  • Use as a benchmark for comparison and as an aid to understanding 


What Does An Interfacing Solution Deliver?

Interfacing’s Integrated Management System offers the Capability module, which allows organizations to clearly define and analyze each business capabilities with different key business models like SWOT and maturity levels.

Why Interfacing?

Business Capability Mapping is a tried-and-true method for building business strategies aligned with IT strategies while focusing on what your organization can do, support or improve. This approach provides your company with tangible, clear and visual plans and helps defeat organizational communication silos.


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