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Standalone Process Modeler

The Standalone Process Modeler is a 30 day Free Trial giving you access to most of Enterprise Process Center features, a tool to help you manage and improve your business process mapping.
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Enterprise Standalone Modeler

The standalone version of Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) provides the Business Process Analyst with all functionalities necessary to build up the Business Process repository for the organization. The business process analyst can use EPC creating the business process architecture, business process mapping and modelling the entire business process architecture; comprehensively define responsibilities, define business rules, document current risk management strategies, conduct lean analyses, extract detail reports on a recurring basis and more.

Why Standalone over other editions?

EPC standalone version facilitates your process journey with a very low investment helps develop the business process architecture for mapping the business processes in BPMN with comprehensive accountability assignment for automatic generation of multi-dimensional Swimlane views of the processes. It also facilitates in standardization through comparison of processes and versions, process audit management, Risk and control assessment and offline Process Analyses of Critical, High Risk and Selected process paths.

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Standalone Benefits

Here are some benefits of Enterprise Process Center’s Standalone Version:

  • Very low investment
  • Develop Business Process Architecture aligned with Best Practice Framework (APQC, ITIL etc.)
  • Business Process Mapping in BPMN™
  • Comprehensive Accountability Assignment (RASCI-VS)
  • Automatically generate Multi-dimensional Swimlane views
  • Process & SOP Alignment, Change Synchronization
  • Compare differences & standardize
  • Risk & Control Assessment
  • Audit Management
  • Critical, Risk & Selected Path Lean Analysis
  • Supports upto 44 languages
  • MS Visio License not required

Standalone Limitations

Here are some of the limitations of Enterprise Process Center’s Standalone version:

  • Limited to a single user
  • Organization wide process visibility not available
  • Collaboration feature not available
  • Serial and Parallel Approval mechanism not available
  • Active Directory integration not available
  • Change notifications & User read confirmation not available

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