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Value-added Differentiators

Interfacing Solutions

  • Single Solution Platform – Ease of Use – Reportable, searchable and filterable
  • Object Orientated Processes – Data Associated – Attach reusable fragments of data like Roles, Docs
  • Collaborate – Change Requests – Raise feedback and change request, with complete lifecycle, including approvals and informing stakeholders of new versions
  • Generate Procedures and SOPs – Adaptable templates can be defined per use cases to generate documentation on-the-fly
  • 50+ out-of-box reports + Flexible Dashboards – Easy-to-adapt reports & BI reporting
  • Open RESTful APIs and web services – Integration, middleware connector, import/exports
  • Analyze your Processes – Leverage Lean Analysis, Bottlenecks, and Simulation to continuously improve your processes

Integrated Management System (IMS)

  • Highlight customer touchpoints in processes
  • Automated review & improvement cycle
  • Processes visible and requirements traceable
  • Alignment of drivers, strategy & initiatives
  • Standardized and documented processes
  • Central repository to maintain all knowledge
  • Embedded approval cycle & decision-making
  • More agile changes & digital SOP
  • Measure KPIs and performance of processes
  • Evaluate downstream impacts of a change to stakeholders, systems, customers & data

What it is!

  • A unique regulatory DIGITAL DATA management solution
  • A document DATA parsing solution fragmenting DATA into reusable fragments
  • A system that manages complex graph models that can generate unique visualizations and intelligent impact models
  • A fully INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (IMS) data-driven solution aligned with Digital Twin & Quality 4.0
  • A tool that supports process automation, including forms automation, supporting access from anywhere and workflows

IT & Process Improvement

  • Reduction of cost to standardize (formatting, templates, document structure, doc change)
  • Update once, controlled version
  • Automated Workflows
  • Automated Follow-ups, Notifications
  • Streamlined Review and Approval process
  • Ability to Track Changes, more Transparent
  • Centralized reporting on all data, audit

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

  • Reduced cost of compliance
  • Gain of informational knowledge from reusable date
  • Gain from digitization of SOPs – REPORTABLE
  • Complete traceability of all changes, audit trail
  • More details – from parsed documents
  • Enforce retention period for all records (
  • Ease of version management – compare, restore
  • Control with archive, restore for all SOP data

A.I. Document Process Mining Parser

NLP AI (Natural Language Processing using Artificial Intelligence) simplifies the digital transformation of moving from file-based documentation to reusable data fragment management.

This means that the AI based Document Process Mining Parser analyzes the text within your files and automatically discovers your processes, regulations, systems, roles / responsibilities, terms, acronyms and other related business entities.

BPM Import Tool Compatibility

Interfacing has deep expertise in importing objects from a wide variety of traditional competitor installations on the market. Kissflow, Blueworks, Adonis, Nintex promapp, SAP Signavio, Software AG,  and Lucidchart to name a few.

We ensure your legacy and current data remain with you as active data objects to continue to use daily. This is only one of the many benefits of our Integrated Management System solution to deliver an extremely accurate, versatile and easily adaptable digital integration tool to ensure your organizations success remains ongoing!

For more details on how we compare with a specific solution or how to replace your existing solution, reach out to us for information.

The IMS tool that fits every need, much more than just BPM

Choose a platform that is adaptable to companies of all sizes, with processes roles, responsibilities and reusable data fragments that you can configure as it better fits your needs. Interfacing is a powerful IMS tool, allying ease of use, with extensive capabilities for BPM, QMS, DMS, BCM and bringing a standardized approach to navigate through complex reality of your environment.

A Few More Reasons to Help You Make an Interfacing Solution, Your Solution !

Create a Process Based Culture

Set the right course for corporate culture to embrace process management by all employees.

IMS - Integrated Management System

Enterprise Process Center is delivered with an out-of-box integration module, designed to mesh smoothly with your current applications.

Create Transparency

Transparency is created through ‘open-door’ documenting process standards with regulatory compliance.

Manage Compliance

A step above the rest, EPC is a process-oriented, data-object driven, compliance and regulatory management platform.

Audit Management

Achieve eQMS success by meeting many ISO & regulatory compliant standards (ISO 9000, ISO 13845, ISO 14000, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, FDA QSR and GxP).

Strategic Advantage

Linking corporate strategy to process controls opens up completely new opportunities, analysis and perspectives into your organization.

Risk Management

Gain control over risk with implementing an industry leading internal control system for Risk Management. With EPC, you can confidently rest assured, knowing that risk mitigation has been implemented successfully.

Process Optimization & Analysis

EPC provides expert delivery & analysis of your processes in order to optimize business workflow efficiencies. Best in class analysis and reporting brings critical insights into budgets, manufacturing, logistics and production operations for example.

Continuous Quality Improvement Process

Leverage the power of automated end-to-end workflows in Interfacing’s industry leading Integrated Management System to champion a continuous improvement culture in your organization.

Technology Enabled Business Expansion

Customized Low-Code Rapid Application Development Digital Business Platform, combined with the robust Enterprise Process Center suite will prepare your organization to scale up anytime and with no limitations.

Global Data Privacy Compliance

Protect data privacy and remain in compliance meeting requirements of regulatory frameworks, including GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, LGPD.

quality 4.0 digital twin eqms

Explore Solutions with Interfacing

We know there are many unique challenges organizations continue to face. It is that knowledge that provides you with the assurance that Interfacing’s expert professionals and incredibly powerful digital transformation platforms will deliver a complete solution to your business. 

Have any questions?

Does Interfacing support the tools I already use ?


Meet your business objectives, while reusing legacy data and documentation to extract digital data fragments and maintain data artifacts you currently have. Imagine reusing all business process data through imports of your legacy data in their current formats, to significantly lower the adoption curve while streamlining and optimizing data management.

How secure will my data be with Interfacing?


Interfacing aligns with security and data compliance designed to support scalability, and reliability to meet industry security standards. Interfacing is ISO27001 certified

Learn More

Why should I adopt a IMS tool that supports BPM?


We believe that for a business to grow, one of the key steps is to organize their processes to gain efficiency and effectiveness. Having a BPM software would allow you to spend your time in a better way, and therefore be able to reach your goals.

Do you have a user-community?


A perfect spot to certify in BPMN 2.0 and EPC Modeling, share knowledge, Ask an Expert, post questions and answer some to help others!

Check out our Interfacing Community

Is your solution modular?


Yes, we support a modular model, which allows our clients to scale their usage of the tool based on their requirements and needs. Reach out to our sales team for an assessment of your needs and which modules you may benefit from.

Choose a better user experience with Interfacing


Interfacing is a powerful tool, that has flexible user interface to provide both detail-centric view for managers – through BPMN and a simplified leaner view for end-users through custom simplified views.

Can I generate flexible documentation in EPC?


The “Summary” feature under the detail view of any IMS object gives a glace at all flow-objects data (process, RACI, document, risk, etc.) all at once. Users can obtain a high-level understanding of a process without clicking into every task, role, resource and document or propagating every detail in the map. This comprehensive summary will serve as a tool for better strategic planning and evaluation of a process.

Can I test my Processes before I purchase it?


Absolutely! We have a fully functional sandbox version available with a 30 days free trial. It allows you to test the solution. If you want to learn more about sandbox and free trial version, here is more information

Do you have training content available online?


Yes, we have self-paced user training for 101 types right here!

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For more details on how we compare with a specific solution or how to replace your existing solution, reach out to us for information.