Enterprise Process Management On Premise

Enterprise Process Management On Premise software gives your enterprise a secure tool to manage and improve your processes. Whether your business is big or small, this tool allows flexibility and allows integration with existing infrastructure.
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Enterprise Process Management

Enterprise Process Management On Premise

Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) is a complete Business Process Management (BPM) solution which helps companies streamline operations, increase productivity, enforce governance, and ensure compliance. EPC allows you to manage the entire process lifecycle. You design and build your processes in the Modeler, publish to the dynamic, user-specific Web Portal, and manage and improve them with EPC’s business intelligence and performance tracking capabilities. Via the collaborative Web Portal, users can post feedback and change requests in web-based discussion forums that promote on-going process lifecycle management. Reviewers and process owners are notified of change requests automatically via e-mail, and, when improvements are approved, subscribed employees receive automatic e-mail notifications, as well.

Why EPC on Premise over other editions?

EPC On Premise License, while providing all the benefits of EPC standalone extending the same by providing Automated Approval Cycles, Audit History, Automated Change communication & Sign-off, Automated Human Task Assignment, Alerts & Escalations, Business Rules enforcement, KPI Targeting & Monitoring to deliver better process visibility across the value chain that can also be used as a digital learning environment for business processes.


As such, EPC promotes a culture of continuous process improvement across the organization. Go ahead and write to sales@interfacing.com requesting a demo of EPC today!

On Premise Benefits

Here are the main benefits of Enterprise Process Center’s On Premise version:

  • License cost is part of Capital Expenditure
  • Develop Business Process Architecture aligned with Best Practice Framework (APQC, ITIL etc.)
  • Business Process Mapping in BPMN™
  • Comprehensive Accountability Assignment (RASCI-VS)
  • Automatically generate Multi-dimensional Swimlane views
  • Process & SOP Alignment, Change Synchronization
  • Compare differences & standardize
  • Risk & Control Assessment
  • Audit Management
  • Critical, Risk & Selected Path Lean Analysis
  • Supports upto 44 languages
  • MS Visio License not required
  • Automated Approval Cycles & Audit History
  • Automated Change Communication & Sign-off
  • Strategic Objectives & Operational Alignment
  • KPI Targeting & Monitoring
  • Automated Human Task Assignment, Alerts & Escalations
  • Escalation & Business Rules Enforcement
  • Process Visibility, Monitoring & Reporting
  • On-line, digital process training environment

On Premise Limitations

Here are some limitations of Enterprise Process Center’s On Premise version:

  • Higher up-front costs
  • Product training required for maximizing utilization
  • Dedicated team required for Organization wide rollout
  • Requires Adobe Life Cycle Designer for eForms development
  • Supports MS SQL Server RDBMS only

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