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EPC Mobile Application


Whether it’s your mobile phone or tablet, we’ve created an excellent user experience for your entire organization to access your content and complete your tasks quickly & securely. Go Mobile Today!



Accomplish more, wherever you are.

Interfacing’s EPC allows you to maximize productivity and ensure quality and compliance anywhere at anytime, from any device! Complete your tasks and access all your documentation directly from your mobile phone, even when you don’t have a network or wireless connection!


Access EPC from any device (iOS or Android)



Collaborate with colleagues quickly and complete tasks, no matter where you are



Navigate the app and content within the app within your preferred regional language



ALL Content from ALL Modules available within the app


Access documentation on your device even without an internet or network connection

Your Organization’s Data at Your Fingertips

Want to look up models quickly in EPC but not at your desk right now? Access your EPC content with a tap of a finger on your mobile while on the go!

Saving desired EPC objects so that they can be viewed even offline is easy and simple.

Users have access to Processes, Documents, Performance, Organization, Risk, Control, Rule, Master Data, Capabilities & Glossary Terms and acronyms in online & offline mode.

Offline Access

Internet connectivity cannot always be guaranteed for field workers. With EPC Mobile, form review and the ability to access documentation when its needed most can all be done offline. Your work will automatically sync again when you re-connect.

Why mobile device OFFLINE support is a must:

When employees download and save documents to their local devices, you have no control over the security of the files nor have ability to delete this content if they were to lose their device or be terminated from / leave the company:

EPC Mobile: Encrypts all the data on the device and automatically purges it even without server access based on an admin configurable set period (eg. 7 days)

Flood, Security Breach, ICE Storm, Hurricane, Fire… You never know when or where a disaster will strike and you need quick access to your disaster recovery plans without network connectivity!

EPC Mobile: Filter to find the proper disaster recovery plan based on the specific disaster scenario (location & type) even when power is lost in your city.


Downloaded documentation goes outdated very quickly so you have no way to ensure they are using the correct version of a process or procedure.

EPC Mobile: Whenever online, the app automatically validates object changes with the server and automatically syncs your offline documentation to the latest version

Not every employee has access to a computer (eg. Manufacturing floor or a delivery driver)

EPC Mobile: Easily search and access your documentation based on your relevant role directly from any mobile device (eg. personal phone or a shared corporate tablet)

You cannot guarantee employees will always have connectivity to the internet (eg. In a plane, at a mining site, travelling in a remote zone, or in the case of a disaster: fire, blackout or cyber security attack)

EPC Mobile: Access all offline process maps, procedures, forms, policies, etc. based on your user security and role without any service available

Constantly downloading large documents each time you need to reference them is slow and will consume your mobile data quickly

Solution: The only time documentation is downloaded from the server is when its not yet available on the device or when a new version is published so you can open the same document or process numerous times without consuming any mobile data

Download and get going!

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