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The Enterprise Process Center (EPC)

The EPC is a web-based portal that provides structured and simplified access to the enterprise processes, process-related content, projects and applications.

From their EPC web browser on the desktop, users can easily access their Enterprise Process Framework and navigate in the process hierarchies to view:

  • The corresponding maps and process workflows,
  • Relevant data (process and activity attributes as requested for specific implementations)
  • Related documentation (forms, procedures, plans, work instructions, etc.).

Users can also access dedicated content areas for project, client and document management. The Enterprise Process Center is designed to manage and promote collaboration within the enterprise between employees, managers and process owners, but also between the enterprise and its clients/suppliers.
The EPC process-centric environment brings numerous benefits to any enterprise:

  • On-line training on standard corporate operations
  • One-stop access and knowledge acquisition in enterprise processes and procedures, including ISO documentation.
  • Communication and information sharing within a project team and between the company/department and its clients.
  • Centralized management of all process content and related documentation
  • Managed and secure access to corporate information for different user profiles (through access rights management)In the world of Portals, the EPC has a unique place; as a Process Driven Portal, it provides high value to each employee and to the whole enterprise.
The EPC adds a process driven element to ISO document libraries, bringing these documents within easy reach of the people who need them. The EPC is designed to be user customizable and expandable portal, whose benefits extend and complement the value of the FirstSTEP process methodology for modeling and analysis.

EPC Infrastructure

The EPC is an enterprise-wide web application supporting the latest industry standards. Its component-based structure is designed to enable future expansion to support additional services.

Each component is designed to work independently from the other components, yet, each component supports the others. For example, while the Process Manager and Project Manager components (described below) can operate independently, the interaction between processes and projects can add greater benefit to the user environment. The Process Manager functions as a repository for processes, while the Project Manager is used to manage processes on a project basis. A project could be created in the Project Manager using processes uploaded directly to the Project Manager as well as standard and business-specific processes from the Process Manager.

The EPC's overview
Although the EPC is highly customizable and can be easily tailored to fit the individual requirements of a customer, the EPC, in its most generic form contains four primary modules. These are the Process Manager, the Project Manager, the Document Manager and the Client Manager.

1. Process Manager
The Process Manager constitutes the repository of all processes and their related information. Users can access the data, the reference files attached to each process, as well as process hierarchies and graphical process flows.

2. Project Manager
In this content area, the user can access the project plan, documents related to the project, as well as document completion progress information.

3. Document Manager
This content area constitutes the repository for process- and business-management-related documents.

4. Client Manager
This content area constitutes the repository for all client-related information. Performance metrics, important to the enterprise and the client, are displayed here.

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