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Enterprise Process Center® version 10 provides a 360 degree executive blueprint to prepare for change and engages employees across the corporation to ensure a successful transformation program!

Montreal, QC, June 1st, 2017 – The Enterprise Process Center® version 10 (EPC10) is the next generation of Interfacing’s EPC platform with an overarching goal of building a process centric organization to increase agility and productivity. There is extreme pressure on companies to “Go Digital” and adapt their business models and offerings, or be left in the dust. Upper management’s greatest challenge is the absence of clear guidelines on how to get from point A to point B, meaning from strategy-to-execution. There is a large gap in the market where process knowledge is not being utilized enough (or at all) to render organizations more agile, focused, and effective. EPC10 is a centralized platform reaching beyond analysts to everyone wishing to collaborate and to have a voice for change and improvement: strategists, analysts, decision makers and frontline workers alike. EPC10 provides the insight into operations necessary to streamline quality, increase productivity, reduce risk and maximize performance!

BPM software Enterprise Process Center 10

EPC 10’s new user interface is designed with new innovative views to simplify navigation, reduce end user complexity and promote continuous improvement through user-friendly collaboration. EPC’s data driven processes (vs. standard file based maps) allow for the unique flexibility to display information within multiple graph layouts and formats based on need and audience. Employees can navigate through simplified process maps and text based digital standard operating procedural work-instructions, operations team can monitor process performance, management can view the strategy map and business architecture, IT department can view detailed BPMN 2.0 maps with entity touchpoints for automation, and audit group can highlight process risks and analyze downstream impacts of law, regulation or control changes. EPC10 features rich map settings providing maximum transparency and adaptability while enforcing security, governance and control.

Content is already tedious to ensure accuracy, companies need to stop duplicating their effort by capturing the same information within different groups! EPC10 allows a user to centralize it, share it, collaborate around it and provide relevant individualized views; because without involvement and adoption, there will be no transformation! says Scott Armstrong, Interfacing’s Managing Partner.

Speed of access to knowledge is more important now than ever before. Today’s population expects relevant and quality answers immediately with little to no effort to find them. EPC10 offers a personalized mobile-friendly employee porta that is available anywhere 24/7 in the cloud and that bolsters users with quick “Google-like” full-text search and user-friendly filtering options for more advanced queries. Knowledge is no longer limited to documentation either; millennial culture is one of constant communication and sharing. EPC10’s latest collaboration features are highly engaging to foster ongoing innovation and to establish a culture of transformation and continuous improvement.

Interfacing has invested three years of effort and tens of millions of dollars into its latest EPC10 platform, demonstrating Interfacing’s ongoing commitment to sustain a leadership position and continuously innovate within the process management solution market. EPC10 still offers the same robust modeling, analysis & management capabilities as within past versions; however, the new platform is targeted at the everyday employee because adoption, engagement and collaboration are key aspects of a successful transformation program.

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Interfacing Technologies Corporation is a leading pure‐play business process management solution provider with over thirty years of experience. Interfacing is recognized as a leader by Gartner® within multiple domains and has a portfolio of clients across all industries. Interfacing’s BPM solutions are intuitively designed for business users; facilitating multiple organizational programs within a single platform and covering the full spectrum of quality, improvement and governance initiatives. Interfacing products provide the visibility and collaboration to continuously improve operational performance while aligning governance, risk & compliance (GRC) strategies with daily operations. (www.interfacing.com, sales@interfacing.com)

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