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Testimonios BPM

Descubra lo que dicen nuestros clientes


Lea sobre las experiencias con EPC de nuestros socios de varias industrias y descubra lo que piensan. Considerado un pionero en la Gestión de Procesos Empresariales (BPM), Interfacing cuenta con más de 25 años de experiencia desarrollando métodos, enfoques, herramientas de gestión innovadoras y un software galardonado. El Enterprise Process Center® de Interfacing, reconocido por Gartner® como un software líder en la industria, ayuda a las empresas a obtener una visión 360 grados de la organización con el apoyo de iniciativas complejas para la mejora, el cumplimiento y la transformación.

David Orcutt, Bombardier Aerospace

BombardierVP & General Manager of Programs and Customer Support

We have been working with Interfacing Technologies since July 1998. Integrating business units, by aligning practices between different sites, has been facilitated by being able to link all our processes into one integrated framework shared by all managers.  We are counting on FirstSTEP® to enable us to simulate anticipated business volumes and efficiently prepare for and manage our growth with tailored action plans.


Equifax-1Global Technologies Operations Office

The EPC is robust, intuitive and highly collaborative. The EPC is an integral tool to enable the delivery of our Global Service Management Strategy.

Exelon Power Team, Exelon Corporation

ExelonExelon Power Team

The key benefits of using FirstSTEP® reside in its simple, intuitive-yet-powerful methodology. In a merger situation, ‘best practices’ are crucial. Developing the processes to support those practices is an absolute necessity. The quick learning curve for FirstSTEP® allowed members of our team to rapidly and fully get involved in the shaping of our new process based division. Our modeled processes not only served as a strong backbone to our division’s business plan but also empowered all of us to take ownership of our activities and performances.

Hisashi Sato, Microsoft

MicrosoftSenior Product Manager

[Interfacing’s BPMN Modeler] gives business users the ability to create sophisticated business models with the ease-of-use that Visio is famous for. It allowed me to create connections between flowcharts and build a multi-leveled process framework in minutes.

Jean-Luc Heloin, Orange Business Services

Project Directororange Business Services

EPC was the only tool that answered the project’s needs and requirements. We are rolling out corporate-wide to over 300 modelers & 120K employees!


pepsicoControl Officer Team

Our auditors gave us excellent feedback on the use of the EPC as part of our GCS implementation initiative. They were particularly impressed with our ability to identify controls and relate them to risks prioritized with the Risk Matrix. They have since recommended our approach to internal GCS compliance as best-practice for other PepsiCo plants.

Corey Lynch, Rema Tip Top

RemaTipTop1Business Improvement & Compliance Manager

The automated monitoring feature of the SOP module bridges the gap between ongoing process management and procedural associated documents and is a great aid for compliance purposes, which constantly require up to date information.

Andrea Pierce, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

SFPUCBusiness Applications

Enterprise Process Center is easy to use, requiring little or no training for rollout, therefore, lowering resistance especially by our non-tech employees.It also allows us to easily train new employees with the knowledge relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Yves St-Arnaud, Stay Technologies


The EPC Lean ITSM Toolkit has already been proven in the field, we leveraged the Toolkit on a large government contract which in-turn cut down our service engagement time by 40% and significantly improved the overall quality by allowing us to focus on higher level business objectives.

Tennant Company

TennantCompanyWe are very impressed with EPC’s functionality and ease of use.  We look forward rolling this out across our enterprise.

Mike Hutchinson, Unisys


VP & General Manager of IMS Worldwide

Our search produced approximately 35 companies that looked promising. After further review, we eventually eliminated most, and finally selected Interfacing’s FirstSTEP technology as the one most suited to our initial needs. Enterprise Process Center has helped us roll out a process-based methodology globally so our people provide consistent service and support no matter where in the world. We believe this product has given us a significant competitive advantage while improving relationships with our clients.

Alan Bugarin, Veridata networks

VeridataNetworksBPM Business Analyst

I have used a number of process modeling and document management tools and nothing comes close to Enterprise Process Center in both functionality and ease of use.

Real Rousseau, XOR

Founder of IT Consulting Company XOR

You no longer have to start from a white page when using the Toolkit, you can immediately jump start your documentation and modeling effort by using the pre-established processes and rules as a guideline when adapting to your company-specific objectives.

Pablo Arrieta, E&Y Central America Inc.

EY-2Partner Advisory Services

Even if we are aware of other companies that compete with Interfacing we have partnered with them not only because they provide a very competitive set of solutions but also because of a relationship built on trust, collaboration and values that have been tested in the good times but also in the difficult ones.

Dave McCloskey, Equifax

Equifax-1North American BSM Leader

The EPC is allowing us to fill in process gaps that standard flowchart tools could not.

Blake McLaughlin, Exelon Power Team

Exelon Senior Project Manager

Our modeled processes not only served as a strong backbone to our division’s business plan but also empowered all of us to take ownership of our activities and performance.

Richard Mark Soley, Object Management Group®


The fact that Interfacing has made it so easy to start modeling in BPMN puts the power of Business Process Management in the hands of any user, anywhere…  Overall, one of the best process mapping tools on the market.

Richard Hughes, Pepsico


Director of Finance

The integration of our internal audit objectives within our business operations is a novel approach that has exceeded our highest expectations in terms of the effectiveness of our compliance initiative. The Global Control Standard implementation program has allowed us to promote a culture of governance and process improvement across the organization

Alfonso Velázquez Tavira, PricewaterhouseCoopers


EPC’s competitive licensing pricing will allow us to deploy the software to about 36,000 expected end users across Mexico in the next two years.We chose EPC over Bizagi BPM, Fuego BPM and Microsoft Biztalk Server because of its wide range of integrated functionality when it comes to process mapping and automation. All of the BPM suites we considered had functionalities that didn’t meet UNAM’s present needs. With Enterprise Process Center (EPC) we chose which modules we needed to address the problems we were facing currently, with the flexibility to extend in the future as UNAM’s process maturity grows.

Warren Harrison, Royal Australian Air Force

RAAFBusiness Improvement Manager

The EPC allowed our people to show their processes in an easy to understand format. It fits perfectly with the ISO process approach. Auditors understood the method very easily.

Tom Hayes, SAP Security

Technology-1Manager, IT Data Governance

EPC was selected primarily to support our global SAP deployment and Master Data Governance initiative, but we are also going to leverage its’ GRC modules within the SOX compliance and ISO quality assurance programs as well.  Additionally, longer-term we plan to roll-out the workflow component to integrate SAP to other systems and automate inefficient human-centric tasks.

Colin Stuart, Stuart Wright Pte Ltd.

StuartWrightSenior Well Engineer

In the midst of working on a project, any of us well engineers may require replacement for a number of reasons. The replacement engineer will be thrown in the middle of a project, and may not be able to understand the project state. However, with the help of the EPC process maps, the replacement will be able to quickly gain a clear understanding of the project. He just has to know where the work left off and look in the EPC to follow-up on the next step.  As such, it doesn’t matter who the person is doing the work; as long as the process is mapped out, the skills are there, and any relevant person can follow through on the entire project. We have found the right tool to make our company a leading-edge consulting engineering business; we even incorporated EPC process shapes in our logo.

Frank Pugh, Unisys

UnisysDirector of Global Implementation of IMS

The simplicity that EPC brought to the task made our job much easier and enabled a quick, albeit partial, rollout of our methodology. FirstSTEP® offered a top-down approach to process mapping versus many other solutions that use a complex, cumbersome and abstract bottom-up approach.

'US' Utility Services

UtilityServicesUS Spokesperson

A key component of the initiative, and a primary tool for the CoE and the business, in general, was a powerful technology that allowed us to model in a collaborative environment and easily validates the work with process owners. Using the Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center® (EPC), we modeled processes from both an enterprise-wide, value stream perspective and from the day-to-day task perspective. This was crucial not only to our analysis but also for showing value, sustaining executive support and for validating our work with process actors and owners.

Roehl G. Fontanilla, Veridata networks

VeridataNetworksVice President

Business will always look for ways to improve their processes, but the biggest challenge is to know where to start and how!  EPC provides the capability to see the relationships among these processes in a holistic perspective; providing a clear view of areas where improvements can deliver efficiency and realize cost savings.

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