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eTOM Business Process Framework

Linking Processes in the Telecommunications Industry to drive Customer Satisfaction

eTOM Framework

eTOM Framework & Practices

eTOM is primarily a framework for the analysis and improvement of existing telecommunications processes, with an orientation towards customer support and satisfaction. Business interactions can be facilitated by identifying key touch points and ensuring that the processes that drive them are optimized.

Key Benefits of eTOM Business Process Framework

Access to enterprise processes

Scope includes all enterprise processes.

Assure value in all low level processes

Marketing, sales, and billing processes are identified as part of a high-level framework, assuring value in all low level processes.

Encourage customer self-management & online support

Operational layers are integrated with e-business processes and encourage customer self-management and online support.

Lifecycle management changes according to process needs

The lifecycle of different processes are managed appropriately based on the specific process being analyzed.

Inclusion of external service providers & process participants

External service providers and process participants are included in the framework.

Companion to ITIL

Companion to ITIL within the telecom industry.

What is eTOM?

The eTOM business process framework (Enhanced Telecommunications Operations Map) is a guide to best practices for business process management in the telecommunications industry. The model describes the interaction of processes between different stakeholders in the telecommunications value chain. eTOM Framework is a Business Process Framework that describes these interactions down to the activity level, with different orientations and three major process areas:

  • Strategy, infrastructure and product
  • Operational management
  • Enterprise management

The eTOM framework also includes cross-functional views that show how process components span horizontally across an enterprise. This allows for greater detail in interpreting process interaction across the organization.

How Interfacing can help

All TM Forum eTOM requirements can be managed within the Enterprise Process Center (EPC) platform, with the flexibility to customize the framework to your organizational needs. Cross-functional value streams are easily identified through EPC’s dynamic reporting and automatic process view generation. EPC supports the implementation of process controls and automatic audits in order to ensure that the eTOM framework is extended to all levels of your telecommunications processes.  Enterprise Process Center is recommended by Gartner in its Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) MarketGuide.

An eTOM Framework alignment Case Study

Our Latest Case Study Related To The eTOM Framework alignment

The current industry standard for telecom process frameworks, eTOM, has been a valuable resource, but the increasing diversity and complexity of today’s business requires something more. Looking to optimize efficiency and deliver stronger value to shareholders, and driven by a major technology transition, a multinational telecom (Telco) firm has been pursuing external expertise to improve and consolidate their core business processes from a customer-oriented perspective.