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Interfacing EPC platform supports all use cases of the Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) 2023

Interfacing is proud to announce the Interfacing Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) was assessed and again listed as a leading Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) by Gartner.  Interfacing’s EPC provides a data intelligence based virtual representation of a business to help evaluate the impact of internal & external changes.


A Digital Twin of an Organization is a digitized dynamic representation of any company’s physical assets. The DTO describes all assets that fall within the domain of an organization. This includes​ an organization’s pr


A Digital Twin is a replica (representation) of physical objects (e.g. persons, vehicles, plane engines etc.) in digital format processes, technologies, infrastructure (and its architecture), business capabilities, all customer interactions, strategies, products, services, roles, responsibilities and distribution channels. In digital form, this business context can be connected, reported upon and presented in easily understood visual format. DTO helps business leaders assess transformational change and its impact within a controlled environment.


Gartner identified three Key Findings in their Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO Report:


  • Most organizations find it difficult to adapt to moving strategic and operational targets.
  • Without some sort of a “navigator,” the risk of failure in scaling digital business transformation initiatives increases dramatically as the scope and pace of the digital business initiative expand.
  • Today, an abundance of data coming from anywhere is impacting digital transformation and optimization initiatives. The amount of data produced must be organized and filtered according to business needs and operations.

Scott Armstrong, Managing Partner with Interfacing Technologies, describes Interfacing’s solution supporting DTO. “Interfacing’s user-friendly platform is the only Digital Twin to also satisfy all regulatory compliance (FDA, FAA, GDPR, ISO, etc.) requirements and data governance needs. Interfacing’s unique text recognition data parsing tool automatically converts your physical files (Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Regulations, etc.) into data objects then automatically generates intelligence based graph models to improve impact analysis and ongoing change management and communication.”


Interfacing’s EPC offers a digital management platform for businesses to capture, manage and visualize all business artifacts within a single integrated repository. EPC provides centralized management capabilities through the combination of its core architectural holistic views of all objects, their complex interdependencies, impact analyses and day-to-day monitoring.  EPC satisfies all highly regulatory requirements (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11 digital signature and other regulatory compliance) and includes functionality to expand SOPs to any level, providing a rich-text form (including images and videos) of the processes in an easy-to-read, online digital media format.


Coordinating inter-dependencies within and across digital business transformation initiatives is challenging yet key to success. A digital twin of an organization helps enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders prioritize, guide, plan, monitor, analyze and scale complex initiatives. – Gartner®


Armstrong included, “Interfacing’s solution is cutting edge; cloud based, extremely secure, highly scalable, and mobile ready.  Interfacing is also ISO 27001 certified, meaning we invest heavily in security testing and processes to ensure our customers’ data stays protected!   We continue to innovate the domain by utilizing the latest tech trends such as AI [Artificial Intelligence] to drive additional business value for our customers while reducing time, effort and cost.”


For more than 25 years, Interfacing has been a transformation leader in process improvement software; developing one of the first centralized web-based collaboration tools to document, model, manage, simulate, analyze, integrate and automate processes.  Interfacing maintains a major focus on the digital business, and customer experience use cases, followed by the enterprise performance use case. Coming from an EBPA/strategy to execution background, Interfacing has a strong focus on the organizational business modeling and the performance management components.

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