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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Initiative
Read Full Case Study (GCC) is a leading e-commerce provider of rewards and gifts for both commercial and consumer markets. However, their rapid growth in a very short period of time uncovered some weaknesses in their IT infrastructure. They decided to move towards a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to ensure operational flexibility and scalability in the years to come. It was crucial for them to have a 360 degree view of their processes to move forward.

Final Results:

Using EPC for GCC’s initiative allowed for:

Centralized Operating Model

Bottom line growth through a centralized operating model

Thorough Documentation

Thoroughly documented customer service, fulfillment, transaction security and business reporting processes.

Reduce Costs & Increased Efficiency

Reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Consolidation of Information

The consolidation of information into a single platform

The Challenge

GCC’s decentralized infrastructure made it difficult for them to extract information from existing software. They used several platforms and operated in seven languages, which made it significantly harder for them to quickly adapt to changes. This translated into a lack of competitiveness, higher maintenance costs and long recovery times.

Outcomes Achieved

Ultimately, by working with the Interfacing® service team, GCC successfully implemented its SOA initiative, shifted to a highly centralized infrastructure and obtained extensive documentation on their processes, underlying business rules and the roles involved in each task. Dependence on certain business units was significantly decreased; this helped other units to move onto a single platform for most of their operational requirements.

Read Full Case Study.

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