Interfacing’s Digital Business Platform uses flow management technology that illustrates tasks and works in a flow diagram, focusing on the people performing the tasks and their individual roles. Digital Business Platform can help companies build, improve and share processes from a central repository. Business rules can then be applied at any stage of the workflow to automate tasks or minimize manual intervention. The ability to track and provide status reports throughout each phase of a process allows for accurate performance and coordination across manual and systemized tasks. The Digital Business Platform has the capability to sync user data and other information from the EPC, such as risks, controls, rules, and more.

The Digital Business Platform Designer

The Digital Business Platform Designer is a Rapid Application Development tool that allows users with a minimal software development knowledge to quickly develop functioning web applications by minimizing code. The DBP offers the ability to design and manage entities, processes and forms. Rules, actions and guards can be defined and associated with business processes to automate or minimize intervention during the workflow. Developers can design Dashboards and Business Activity Monitoring dashboards for analytic purposes.

The Digital Business Platform Web Applications

Applications that are developed using the Designer are deployed on the web. Users can use these applications by simply navigating to the URL to which the app was deployed and start using the application. The DBP User Homepage contains all of the solutions designed in the platform in a highly visualized environment.