The task list management section allows the DBP administrator to manage the task list of all users and roles

Tree Folders

These settings are applied across all users of the Digital Business Platform.

  • Pending folder of the first staff will be selected after the login: Checking this will, by default, select the “Pending Folder” of the task list associated to the role assigned to the user

  • hide user default folders: Checking this will hide by default the user task lists

Data Settings Within the Task List

Date fields in the task list, such as Created at, Deadline, etc, can be set to be either accurate or approximate.

  • Accurate: Will display the exact date and the time in this format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • Approximated: Will display the approximate date in various format: XX Days Ago, About A Month Ago, XX Months Ago, XX Years Ago.

The DBP Administrator can also edit the task list names of individual users and roles

To edit, use the dropdown or type a search value to select a user or a role.

The To-Do Tasks, Completed Tasks and Drafts Folders names will be automatically populated with the current folder names for that user. Type a new name in the textboxes and click on