The timesheet allows users to track logged hours or planned hours for tasks within the Digital Business Platform. The timesheet is also accessible from the task list. All tasks added from the task list will appear in this section. For more information on the task list timesheet, click here.

Letter Component Description
A Week Search Allows users to search for particular date or week
B Weekly Timesheet Displays hours and tasks
C Navigation Navigate between weeks, add or delete hours or tasks

Week Search

Users can search for a particular date or week. To search, click on the textbox. A calendar will appear. To select a date, click on the desired date in the calendar.

1. The “<<” and “<” buttons will roll back the date by a year and a month, respectively. The “>” and “>>” buttons will increase the date by a month and a year, respectively. Clicking on or will trigger a dropdown in which you can select a month and a year.

2. To instantly select the current date, you can click on this label.

Weekly Timesheet

The weekly timesheet shows information about task and hours. The date is displayed in a separate row. By default, the dates are expanded. To minimize/expand a date, click on – or + button.

Users will see 3 columns:

  • Start Time: The time the task was started/was set to start
  • Finish Time: The time the task was finish/is set to finish on
  • Description: The description of the task


Users can navigate through weeks, delete and/or add tasks to the timesheet using this section.

  • : Goes to previous week
  • : Goes to the next week
  • : Deletes the selected task from the date
  • : Adds a task to the selected task

Adding a Task

Clicking on allows an user to add a task to a date.

1. Select the row under the date for which you want to add a task for
2. Click on “+ Add”
3. Fill in the information

4. Save your changes