The following issues have been identified within EPC’s latest 11.4 release. These issues, while present, are considered minor and you can find workarounds to these issues below. Interfacing will be resolving these issues in upcoming releases.

Types of Issues

  • Process Mapping Issues
  • Web Editing Issues
  • Hierarchy Graph Issues

Process Mapping Issues

Issue Number Issue Workaround
BPCA-10956 Users cannot delete annotations if the map graph setting is set to icon Simply save and exit your map, change the Annotations from Icon to Annotation, and you will be able to delete the annotation when your re-enter your map edit
BPCA-10656 Annotations may still overlap even after using Auto-layout Sometimes, in situations where users have many annotations expanded, there can be overlap (even after using auto-layout. To adjust this, simply move the overlapped annotations manually, or change certain items from Annotation, to Icon and expand these manually from here.
BPCA-10568 Deleted assets is not reverting the name of assigned data store’s This happens when a user deletes an asset assigned to a data store, and the data store maintains the name of the assigned asset. The workaround for this is simply to remove the data store from your map manually, and re-add a separate data store if you still wish to feature this in your map.

Web Editing Issues

Issue Number Issue Workaround
BPCA-10672 In the Tree Edit Selector (also known as on-the-fly editing), users may temporarily see the incorrect content language when switching languages Note that this issue will resolve itself. Simply wait 5-10 seconds. Users may also refresh the page but this may cause you to lose active work.
BPCA-10672 Users cannot copy Cognos type report documents Users will have to create new documents in order to duplicate a report type document

Hierarchy Graph Issues

Issue Number Issue Workaround
BPCA-10904 Zoom in and zoom out buttons unresponsive on Hierarchy Graphs Note you can use your mouse, or your browser to zoom in on a specific web page to resolve this issue.

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