The following Web Editing enhancements have been included in our 11.5 release.

  • Users can browse previous version of objects other than process and revert the object to that version if required.
  • Approval History can now be viewed from an object’s detail page. If Digital Signature has been enabled, users will be able to see it in the approval history.
  • New comparison options have been added:
    • Show Changes is now available from the tools menu at any time.
    • Users can Show Changes since the last time they approved an object during an approval cycle.
    • Users can Show Changes since the last time they confirmed on object.
  • Users can choose to automatically or manually harmonize associations on a process. This allows better control of global changes in a local context.
  • Users can now save the location of annotations for process maps.
  • Users can modify approvers while an approval cycle is underway.
  • Users can automatically apply approvers to the children of an object.

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