The following issues have been resolved in the latest product release. For further information or support issues concerning EPC, please contact support through:
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Issue Types

  • System Administration
  • Approvals and Collaboration
  • Import / Export

System Administration

Ticket Number Description
BPCA-11967 Cannot purge environment’s with SSO activated
BPCA-11354 Restore capabilities previously restricted when latest version was ‘Under Review’
BPCA-9723 Cannot delete environments when user searches the environment

Approvals & Confirmations

Ticket Number Description
BPCA-11872 Unable to edit objects in the Web App after closing an improvement request
BPCA-11768 Certain email notifications not sent to approvers throughout approval cycles
BPCA-11735 Unable to adjust Improvement Request status after attaching file to collaboration post

Import / Export

Ticket Number Description
BPCA-11782 Importation fails for extended descriptions
BPCA-11646 .bpmn export failing when the process map features Link type End Events
BPCA-11148 Cannot use .epc export on low-resolution screens
BPCA-11646 Export BPMN fails when end event is of type “Link”

Document Generation

Ticket Number Description
BPCA-11585 Process Book – children are displayed alphabetically instead of by sequence number

General Edit/Navigation

Ticket Number Description
BPCA-10980 Input/Output duplication
BPCA-11892 Unable to save process map after editing boundary events
BPCA-11941 Document becomes inaccessible in published only mode if it is in approval
BPCA-11945 Properties information not included in Show Changes
BPCA-11100 Input/Output position reset in Published mode
BPCA-10850 Cannot switch content language while in map edit
BPCA-9665 Transitions angled/distorted on publication
BPCA-10709 Simple BPMN displaying incorrectly for events
BPCA-11616 Unable to save the map in edit mode when clicking on “Cancel” on parent’s detail page


Ticket Number Description
BPCA-10811 No notifications when minor version is published


Ticket Number Description
BPCA-11703 Elastic Search – Cannot search by Identifier


Ticket Number Description
BPCA-11888 Cannot sort by sub-type for widgets
BPCA-11985 Empty Data for newly created widgets

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