The General system settings page allows System Admins to set the Color Theme for the entire system.

The theme roller allows users to edit the color that their EPC Web App displays. The specific color being displayed is represented by an alphanumeric code in the text box.

Please see the following instructions to change the color of your EPC Web App

1. Navigate to the “System Admin” section of the EPC

2. Select the icon

3. It will generate a drop-down menu featuring a color select window

4. Users can select between the color bar a), shade b) and from c) preset colors by clicking on their desired selection

5. Select to color you desire. It will enter a new alphanumeric code in the text box.

6. Select the “Roll Theme” button to apply the theme

7. The page will be reloaded and the new theme will be applied

To revert back to a present or default color, you can:

i. Select the “Reset” button
ii. Select the desired color from the “Recent Color” bar
iii. Enter in the default Hex code – #2196f3

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