The Swimlane view displays an expanded view of your entire process, dividing the flow of work into separate Swimlanes determined by the organization unit, resource or role that is responsible for the flow object. This allows users to view the process that is organized by the specific object type.

Users can set the axis that defines the Swimlane. The traditional view, as seen above, allows users to organize the process based on Roles, highlighting the key staff involved in the process.

The following Items can be set on the axis:

a. Roles
b. Assets
c. Documents
d. Resources
e. Org Units
f. Risks
g. Rules
h. Controls
i. Objectives
j. Entities
k. Attributes
l. KPIs
m. KCIs
n. KRIs
o. Materials
p. Categories
q. Boundaries Events
r. Events & Gateway Names

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