Your EPC has an integrated process simulator, allowing you to analyze processes, identify bottlenecks, determine true operational costs, and much more. This simulator allows you to generate intelligent reports, based on your process details, as well as variables which you control. This tool will allow you to analyze your processes quantitatively and develop insights for improvement or risk mitigation.

To analyze your processes, you will have access to the following variables:

Section Details
Process Simulation Specification At what interval do these processes occur, how many instances of this process typically takes place, when do these instances start, and the currency used to calculate cost
Resources Features the roles assigned to your flow shapes, how many of these roles are required, the cost per hour, and the applicable timetable
Timetable / Work Schedules Define the work schedule for the roles
Tasks Define the duration, fixed cost, and any cost threshold which may apply to individual tasks
Gateways Define the probability of occurrence for the following tasks

To Simulate a process, see the steps below:
1) Navigate to the process you wish to simulate

2) Under the “Tool” dropdown, select Simulation

3) Input the necessary and appropriate variables

4) Start the Simulation by clicking ‘Start Simulation’

5) Review the report

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