After creating and uploading custom templates, users are able to generate a process book based on the template they have selected. The template will be populated based on the process the user generates the process book on. The process book will then be downloaded on your computer in a Word Document (.docx) format.

To generate a process book:

1. Navigate to a process. In the details or graph view, click on the Process Book icon located on the toolbar.

2. The template selection prompt will appear:

Letter Column Description
A Checkbox Selects the template
B Preview Preview the template in a pop-up view
C Name The name of the template
D Category Categories assigned to the template
E Subtype Types assigned to the template
F Status Indicates whether the template is a published or draft version

3. Select the desired template and click “Done”

4. The prompt will close, and the document will be downloaded to your computer

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