The following developments are included in version 11.3. These consist of significant changes including the migration of the EPC Modeler to the Web App and new features available.

The developments are categorized as follows:

1. Web Editing Enhancements
* Version Comparison
* Move Objects
* Merge Objects
*Process Analysis
*Process Governance
*Risk Analysis
*RASCI-VS Multi-Assign
*Audit Trail Generation

2. Localize processes

3. Content Translation

4. Synchronized Collaboration

5. Dashboard Enhancements
*Manage Multiple Dashboards
*External Website Widget
*HTML Widget
*My Risk Chart Widget
*My Map Widget
*Analytics Widget

6. Document Generation from Template

7. Printing Enhancements
*Manual Printing
*Dynamic Printing

8. Google Analytics Integration

9. Archive and Restore Objects

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