Interfacing is pleased to announce the release of its new EPC Lean ITSM Toolkit, fully integrated within its award winning BPM software, the Enterprise Management Center®. This integrated solution aims at reducing the costs and complexities of implementing and supporting multiple ITSM strategies, by allowing efforts to be focused on IT process customization and improvement instead of building the core.

Lean ITSM Toolkit Release

The EPC Lean ITSM Toolkit has already been proven in the field, we leveraged the Toolkit on a large government contract which in-turn cut down our service engagement time by 40% and significantly improved the overall quality by allowing us to focus on higher level business objectives.

Yves St-Arnaud

CEO, Stay Technologies

The Lean ITSM Toolkit includes compliant business processes, controls and rules from the leading IT industry standard frameworks. The toolkit includes all 25 top level ITIL® V3 processes broken down into sub-processes, down to the operational task level, including roles, responsibilities, descriptions and procedures, all while relating to the ITIL KPI metrics. Additionally, the toolkit embodies COBIT control objectives and ISO/IEC 20000 conformity rules linked at the sub-process level, allowing a seamlessly integrated IT approach, eliminating redundancy caused by overlapping processes and controls, and adhering to the most widely used best practice frameworks.

The accompanying Toolkit Practical Guide, written exclusively by IT experts with over 20 years’ worth of experience, ensures that firms can focus on process reengineering from day one of implementation rather than investing extensive time and effort on interpretation of the standards.

You no longer have to start from a white page when using the Toolkit, you can immediately jumpstart your documentation and modeling effort by using the pre-established processes and rules as a guideline when adapting to your company-specific objectives.

Real Rousseau

Founder, IT Consulting Company XOR

The Enterprise Process Center® is a BPM suite which helps companies map, manage, automate and monitor business activities and controls. The Lean ITSM Toolkit provides the added value to IT departments by streamlining the otherwise complicated IT processes, and filling in the gaps with best practices examples in terms of roles, responsibilities and tasks, allowing a clear vision of proper IT processes documenting and increasing the chances of successful adaptation.

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