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Transportation, Logistics & Port Operations Management System

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Port Management and Port Operations Management System

Transportation, Logistics & Port operations management system with Interfacing’s digital Integrated Management System (IMS) suite.

Efficient and effective transportation, logistics & port operations management are indisputable for maintaining a good reputation and for perpetuating a solid relationship with your customers, based on trust and results. Around the world, transportation hubs have to contend with modernity and multiple challenges in order to ensure a very high level of service. Intensive planning and well-defined procedures must be carried out in order to ensure sound management. Among the challenges that must be addressed on a daily basis, corporate and legislative regulations, security and significant logistics needs are just a few examples. In addition, the administration of a transportation & logistics hub requires rapid responses and vigorous risk management in order to prevent and deal with the various possibilities of accidents.

Transportation, Logistics & Port Operations Management System

Enterprise Wide Access

With the IMS suite, you can map, model and execute processes and procedures, with enterprise wide access through a central repository.

Standardize & Enforces Policies

Existing management systems can be integrated with ease. EPC’s Business Rules module standardizes and enforces company policy, removing any uncertainty in an environment where breaking rules can have dire consequences.

Risk & Controls

The Risk Management module allows users to calculate the impact and probability of any risk, and set controls on each activity to ensure that those risks are mitigated.

Standard Operating Procedures

IMS can be used to create and simplify complex standard operating procedures (SOP) for all aspects of operations.

Workflow Management

EPC’s workflow engine executes processes taking the manual tasks out of daily activities, thereby reducing corporate expenditure and the probability of human error.

Main challenges and needs of transportation, logistics & port operations management
The management of transportation, logistics & port operations is a complex system of interrelationships and interactions. Companies are competing when they have to share the same space and many technologies. It is essential that your computer systems be able to communicate properly without losing data during the exchange of information. In order to achieve operational efficiency, many organizations use Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. By mapping, administering and executing processes through Interfacing Technologies’ Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) platform, companies are now able to compose effectively and face these many challenges.

The mapping of transportation, logistics & port operations brings a much better understanding and agility in terms of resource and traffic management. Such actions ensure the avoidance of disasters caused by the mistaken certainties of experienced managers relying only on their years of experience. In fact, they will be the first to benefit from the EPC product, because such solutions provide real peace of mind. They will be able to make better decisions, more quickly, and will have an exceptional vision on all issues

Optimize the efficiency of port operations with the Enterprise Process Center® solution
With the EPC solution, port authorities can map, model and execute processes and procedures with access to the central repository. Existing management systems can be easily integrated into it. The EPC product’s business rules module standardizes and enforces compliance with business rules, completely eliminating any uncertainty in this environment where breaking rules is synonymous with disaster. The risk management module allows users to calculate the impact and probabilities of any risk. It allows for the establishment of controls for each activity in order to guarantee the almost total elimination of risks. The EPC Product Automation Engine (Workflow) executes processes by supporting manual tasks of day-to-day operations, reducing human errors and associated business costs.

Our products will provide the vision and understanding necessary to ensure efficient, agile and problem-free operations. By eliminating many unnecessary overlapping processes, the EPC platform will allow you to eliminate unnecessary costs, maximize your resources and pave the way for smart development of a healthy port.

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