Process Migration Services

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Process Migration Services

Business Process Migration Services

Interfacing’s Process Migration services are designed to accelerate the integration of your BPM initiative and platform into your organization’s infrastructure. By reducing manual effort and preemptively addressing potential problems, our Process Migration services will save you time and reduce BPM implementation costs.

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Benefits of BPM Migration Services

Accelerate Implementation

Accelerate the implementation of your BPM program.

Save Time, Effort & Costs

Save time, reduce manual effort, and cut implementation costs.

Identify Potential Problems

Have BPM experts identify and address potential problem areas in your process documentation.

BPM Professionals

A team of BPM professionals (core team, support staff, Project and Account Managers) making sure your project runs smoothly.

Standardize Processes

Implement a standardized modeling notation across all company processes.


Capitalize on the transferability of a worldwide modeling notation standard.

Simple Process Modeling & Modification

A modeling notation used to model and modify processes that is intuitive and easy to understand.

Facilitate Workflow Transition

Facilitate the transition to Workflow with BPMN process maps.

Business Process Migration Services

In addition to the core team assigned to your project, you will be assigned dedicated Interfacing Project and Account Managers, and you will have access to a team of support staff to make sure that your project runs smoothly. As we work with your processes, we look for inefficiencies, redundancies, and gaps in your current processes that can be addressed later in our Process Discovery program. Our experts can give you immediate feedback and recommend strategies for process improvement.

Our range of Process Migration services is designed to meet your organization’s unique needs; you can select the service that best reflects your BPM objectives. Take advantage of our analysts’ expertise and let us do the legwork for you.


The following services are intended for organizations that have yet to implement a full-scale BPM program. Dedicated BPM software is not required.

SOP / Process Mapping

We can turn your current (“as-is”) SOPs and process documentation into flowcharts. Our experts will provide feedback as they map your processes, and make recommendations for process improvement.

Convert to BPMN™

We will convert your current flowcharts or process maps to BPMN. If you don’t have flowcharts or process diagrams, we can convert your SOPs from their current format into BPMN process maps.

The following services are intended for SOP migration into our BPM suite, the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC).

Process Migration

We can migrate your SOPs or processes from their current format into the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC), saving you time and considerable manual effort. Migrating SOPs is not a mechanical process for our analysts; as they migrate multiple SOPs, they can identify problem areas across processes, as well as within them. Too often, individual SOPs are handled in isolation, resulting in serious overlap and, frequently, functional redundancies that are a major source of operational inefficiency. Also, if you are using our Process Discovery services, having your processes migrated before our analysts arrive on-site will result in more efficient and productive workshops.


Recommended: Process Migration in BPMN

Maximize the value of our SOP Migration Services by having your processes expertly mapped in industry-standard Business Process Modeling Notation™ (BPMN). Developed by the Business Process Management Initiative™ ( in association with the Object Management Group® (, BPMN allows both technical and non-technical users to quickly and easily model processes. The resulting process maps closely resemble flowcharts that can be intuitively understood by business users. As is the most widely-accepted process documentation methodology in the world, you can be sure that your migrated processes will be transferable across locations and users. In spite of its fundamental simplicity, BPMN is extremely powerful; it can take your BPM initiative all the way to Workflow – or the execution stage of the process lifecycle. BPMN flows can be automated to streamline the end-to-end execution of people and system-intensive processes.

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