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SCOR - Supply Chain Operations Reference

SCOR, Effective Supply Chain Management


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Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) and Business Process Management

SCOR describes operations on the top-process level, activities and low level processes are left to be filled in by your company. It includes all of the processes that describe the supply chain from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer. This provides an unprecedented level of sophistication and flexibility in aligning operations with the SCOR process structure.

Key Benefits of Process Centric Supply chain Management:

Clear steps to every task


Benchmark easily


Cut costs by targeting specific processes


Improve relationships between suppliers


Best Practice Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) links your Supply Chains

Don’t let your supply chain be a burden. The efficient management of supply, inventory and shipping is necessary in order to increase overall product time to market and avoid needless overhead. Many companies resort to outsourcing to relieve the strain that supply chain management puts on their operations, but outsourcers take a bite out of profits leaving many businesses with the desire to take the supply chain in their own hands. To run effective supply chain management, not only must inventory and purchasing be properly documented, but benchmarks and metrics must also be established in order to gauge the effectiveness of supply chain operations. Efficient supply chain management therefore requires a process-oriented mindset that includes all of the necessary checks and balances.

Adopt a best-practice solution with SCOR – the Supply Chain Operations Reference. SCOR links the supply chain to business processes, presenting a simple and powerful process view to the best methods in supply chain management. SCOR allows you to streamline your supply, inventory, and shipping processes, including return, payment and invoicing.

SCOR has been developed by the Supply Chain Council and is widely accepted as the industry standard supply chain management tool.  The SCOR model contains over 150 key performance indicators (KPI’s), giving your company the ability to measure performance of supply chain operations and increase output.

The SCOR Process Model

The SCOR process model is built in 3 levels, defining scope, supply chain type, and process details:

  • Level 1: Top Level – defines the scope and content for the supply chain operations reference model.
  • Level 2: Configuration level – defines how the supply chain type is configured.
  • Level 3: Process Element Level – defines the fine-grained details that allow your company to tune its supply chain processes.The SCOR levels are easily managed by the EPC process repository, featuring full drill-down and drag-and-drop modeling, allowing you to flesh out your SCOR process models and ensure that all necessary details are captured.

How Interfacing can help

The Interfacing Advantage

The SCOR process library is built in to our Enterprise Process Center (EPC) business process management suite. Ensure a rapid deployment of your SCOR initiative with the EPC’s real time dynamic process management features.

The EPC will let you realize the true potential of the SCOR models, allowing them to transcend from simple process maps to fully implemented company activities that will engage all of the necessary resources and technologies to serve a common purpose.

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