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The Enterprise Process Center (EPC) is our affordable, multi-user business process management (BPM) software product. It delivers collaborative process modeling and content management to every employee desktop.

The EPC is designed for business users, the real owners of business processes.  Its simplistic design approach allows business users to map, model and manage business processes, and view, edit and comment on those processes collaboratively and in real-time.  A fully integrated content management function allows users to securely store valuable process documentation in a central location for easy access by all employees.

A robust security function allows process content to be secured and managed.  Full audit trails of all activity are maintained, providing a solid infrastructure for compliance applications.  Secure world-wide access to process knowledge via the web will bring incredible value to your enterprise.


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How the EPC Can Help You

Today, companies face complex corporate initiatives that almost guarantee disruption to their normal business operations.  Mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, new and ever changing regulatory compliance requirements, ERP implementations, business process outsourcing and the continual strive to improve company performance through process optimization programs all pose major risks to an organization but also offer the opportunity for improved financial performance.

The EPC provides a robust, enterprise-wide process framework that allows you to effectively manage changes to your processes.  Enterprise-wide collaboration and communication of process knowledge is a vital change management component. 

Bottom line, it's your business processes that are at the heart of these tough initiatives.  The EPC can be a valuable partner in managing your business processes.

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General features

  • Easy to use modeling and mapping methodology
  • Process repository provides a secure, controlled content environment
  • Integrated content management system
  • Collaborate and publish process content worldwide in realtime
  • Interactive process maps with drill down and live links to content and external systems
  • Advanced search engine
  • Integration of process with organization models, roles and resources
  • Complete audit trails and change history on all process content
  • Robust security model
  • Integration to workflow engines


  • Process methodology independent
  • Award-winning modeling methodology that is simple yet robust
  • Familiar top-down approach for a global perspective
  • Drill-down navigation from process maps to view process details

Compatibility features

  • Import content from Interfacing's advanced modeling simulation software(Designer) and the Interfacing Microsoft® Visio® Add-on Charter


Rapid Deployment and Adoption
The EPC is designed for business users to provide a single point of access to simple, accurate information. "Business" user friendly software means rapid deployment and adoption.

Effectively manage process and document lifecycles
The EPC promotes collaboration by simplifying your and your team's ability to share and communicate information within your tailored structured environment. Our content mangement system allows for easy document and content control from creation to publishing.

Manage process changes easily
With effective communication tools such as automatic notification of changes and threaded discussions, the EPC provides a documented feedback channel to communicate change, capture comments, questions, concerns or new ideas.

Communicate critical process knowledge to all stakeholders wherever they are
The EPC is not a static environment, but rather a dynamic business communication tool keeping everyone connected. You create strategic advantage through quick access, highly organized and tightly intergrated process information with the EPC web.

Provides clarity and accountability for process ownership
The EPC connects people and processes by focusing on the human dimension of process models and displaying roles, processes and activities relevant to a resource.

Provides environment to meet demanding compliance requirements
The Content Manager is designed to promote collaboration by simplifying your and your team's ability to share and communicate information within your tailored structured environment. Our contement management system allows for easy document and content control from creation to publishing.

Secure access to processes and content, world-wide
Your business processes and how you manage them is one of your company's core competitive strengths. With the EPC, you eliminate security risks by controllling access to sensitive data.

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