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Camden, ME | March 14, 2018100companies

Interfacing Technologies, a leading provider of Digital Business Transformation solutions today announces its recognition in KMWorld Magazine’s “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.”  Compiled by a team of management practitioners, theorists, and analysts, the list contains the most insightful and customer-driven vendors delivering innovative content management solutions that companies are seeking.

“The organizations named this year within our list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management have captured and sustained our interest through their functionality, success with clients and innovation,” says KMWorld Editor Sandra Haimila. “When we look at the technologies they offer, we are awed by the progress, excited by what the future will bring and confident they will enrich our lives. The companies we have chosen for our 2018 list have proven their business value to customers. We are impressed!”

“We are proud to be listed within this year’s 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management,” says Scott Armstrong, Managing Partner at Interfacing, “Our Digital Business Transformation Suite is truly ground-breaking and continues to be selected as the tool of choice by leading organizations worldwide as they embark on their transformation journey.  The digital age evolves faster than ever before, compelling organizations to adopt solutions such as ours to increase agility and transparency.”

Interfacing was a pioneer in Business Process Management Software and is now leading the digital business transformation wave.  Interfacing’s solutions encompass all phases of an organizations’ digitization journey, from blueprinting to automation through to rollout and change management.  Interfacing’s platform is centered on “building the culture” to maximize employee involvement and attain ongoing continuous improvement.


About KM World

KMWorld is the leading publisher, conference organizer, and information provider serving the knowledge management, content management, and document management markets. Informing more than 11,000 print subscribers about the components and processes — and related success stories — that together offer solutions for improving business performance.


About Interfacing

Interfacing Technologies is a global leader in business transformation, empowering organizations to efficiently govern business complexity through process based quality, performance and compliance management solutions. Interfacing’s solutions are intuitively designed for business users; facilitating multiple organizational programs within a single platform and covering the full spectrum of quality, improvement and governance initiatives.

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