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Can You Handle Growing Business Complexity?

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Business Process Consulting Services

Interfacing is committed to helping you ensure the continued success of your BPM initiative. Our range of training programs and process consulting services is designed to help you implement and manage your BPM program. We offer comprehensive product training and Process Training services designed to teach you BPM best-practices for process discovery workshops. Our range of Process Consulting services will support you through the process lifecycle, from process discovery and design to automation and execution.

Business Architecture

Information technology is growing to be increasingly essential for business success. Organizations should incorporate better tools to ensure their business architecture aligns with their strategic goals to enable effortless adoption of change when needed. Companies will be able to increase their agility and stay competitive with the help of Business Architecture.

  • Increase Transparency
  • Enhance Communication
  • Cost Effective

SOP Development

Standard Operating Procedures – or SOPs – are written documents or Work Instructions that detail all of the steps involved in a procedure or process. They formally document a company’s operations, down to the finest detail.

  • Expertly mapped SOPs
  • Improve knowledge retention
  • Augment training materials
  • Facilitate IT application, selection and deployment
  • Enhance corporate GRC
  • Access to a team of BPM Professionals

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a discipline that is aimed to fine-tune organizations, resulting in more efficient productivity. BPI is significant today due to the constant expansion of technology especially in the business realm. It is important to stay up to date in technological infrastructure advancement in order to succeed.

  • Productivity
  • Staff Engagement
  • Automation
  • Standardization

Workflow Management

At Interfacing, we know Workflow inside and out. Our experienced analysts and developers can quickly and efficiently automate your processes using best-practice BPM methodologies, allowing you to build confidence in the effectiveness of your processes and promote and sustain an organizational culture of continuous process improvement.

  • Quick and Efficient Process Automation
  • Requirements Gathering Approach
  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

Compliance Management

Compliance was established to ensure that organizations act responsibly. There are several considerable benefits to be achieved with Corporate Compliance Management.

  • Implement key compliance processes in a visual and easy-to-understand manner
  • Support the audit of key processes
  • Manage process and document lifecycles
  • Define and evaluate controls
  • Link risk control plans to process controls
  • Develop compliance reports

Business Transformation

Adapting to the new technological scene will allow one’s organization to stay on top. Just as technology is constantly innovating, organizations should also adjust. Business transformations allow organizations to be aligned with the best practices and industry-specific expertise. Interfacing Business Transformation focuses on improving profitability, productivity and cutting costs through process optimization.

  • Productivity
  • Customer Service Enhancement
  • Digital Data
  • Stay Competitive

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation aims to enhance organizations’ operations by keeping them up to date with the new opportunities generated by the latest technological advancements and hence ensuring the organizations’ innovative future. Such transformation requires strong leadership for it is a journey with continuous optimization across the organization in parallel with the continuous technological improvements.

  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Risk optimization
  • Corporate control

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that translates business vision and strategy into an effective enterprise. It is a broader scope of Business Architecture and supports business transformation success with a design strategy. Driving innovation and quick adoption to any changes caused by the market, Enterprise Architecture will provide a better understanding of the organization and its operations along with its business capabilities.

  • Holistic
  • Strategic differentiation
  • Technology standardization
  • Flexibility

Requirement Assessment & RFP Strategy Development

A Request for Proposals or RFP strategy, is one of the standard solicitation strategies used to compete contract opportunities. It meets the expectations of government policy, applicable trade agreements, and common law. A successful RFP process will provide a fair, open, and transparent procurement, allowing for effective solutions and programs with reliable contractors.

  • Compliance
  • Transparency
  • Communication

Discover how we helped other companies suceed