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Manufacturing Processes

BPM consulting for Manufacturing Processes

Every aspect of manufacturing processes must be controlled and monitored. In order to ensure the integrity of the enterprise and to maintain a high degree of quality assurance, the implementation of standards such as ISO 9000 must be pursued. This means installing efficiently designed processes throughout product development to supply chain and logistics management. By adopting a strong, process-centric culture, your company can smoothly transition from chaotic and ad hoc management systems to a smooth running operation that will increase profits.

By using our products, your company gains the accountability and consistency that will give you an edge over your competition. Our tools ensure that all processes are properly understood, allowing you to increase the safety as well as the efficiency of your operations.

Ensure Quality in your Manufacturing Processes

ISO Compliance

Our process methodology and support for business rules and risk/control management allows effective process design that has all the appropriate checks and balances.

Utilize Resources

Business process management will expose unused resources and allow you to take better advantage of them along the length of the process.

Manage Workflow

Our workflow engine delivers work where it is needed by integrating your people, processes, and technology and keeps all employees updated with the most important priorities.

Ensure Transparency

Know where resources are being used and maintain efficient work habits by planning well in advance.

Model Business Rules

Our approach to Business Process Management allows your company to easily implement business rules that can be reused and easily updated along the length of your processes.

Portable Process Manuals

EPC allows you to generate a complete output of process and related information. A Collaborative tool that allows employees to share information widely.

Implement Standard Methodologies

Avoid the need for continual trial and error in improving your agency’s operational efficiency; get a head start by taking advantage of industry standards.

Encourage Collaboration

By uniting goals and creating a common framework for your agents, they will be able to cooperate at a previously unattained level.

Read about PepsiCo’s Implementation of a Governance-Risk-Compliance Program

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A key differentiator of Interfacing to other digital and business transformation consulting firms is that Interfacing offers its own innovative technology solution in support of transformation programs. Interfacing’s software solutions deliver the transparency required to reduce complexity, improve execution and facilitates agility and change.

Interfacing’s integrated management system is a one-stop-shop for managing transformation programs. We know it’s a very competitive environment out there. It is for that reason our strength is in our commitment to maintain flexibility throughout the project lifecycle whether it is in our innovative products or in our team of experts.

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