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APQC Process Classification Framework & Practices

Applying APQC through the EPC platform allows you to put the pieces of your organization’s departmental processes together and gain an understanding of the big picture.

APQC Process Classification Framework and PCF Management

The APQC Process Classification Framework® (PCF Framework)

The PCF Framework was developed by APQC, a global resource for benchmarking and best practices, and its member companies as an open standard to facilitate improvement through process management and benchmarking, regardless of industry, size, or geography. The PCF organizes operating and management processes into 12 enterprise level categories, including process groups and over 1,000 processes and associated activities. To download the full PCF or industry-specific versions of the PCF as well as associated measures and benchmarking, visit

How the APQC Process Classification Framework for PCF Management can help you :

Adopt a common process language

Identify and implement best practices

Recognize the most telling performance measures

Discover effective methods of improvement

Process Performance & Process Strategies

Achieve measurable results

How to Solve the Best Practices Puzzle

Raise the Process Standards

With hundreds of individual process maps stored in various programs, it’s difficult for your organization to see how everything fits together. Applying a best practices framework can improve oversight on your big picture.

BPM Can Help

The right business process management software makes it easy to have a complete view on your business architecture. Through it, improvements can be initiated without negatively impacting department teams.

The Interfacing Technologies Advantage

Our Enterprise Process Centre™ (EPC) software product offers the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to align, review and improve your processes.

Why the implementation of best practices can be tricky

Implementing a best practices framework across your organization requires taking a top-down approach – something which isn’t always easy to do when every department has its own process maps stored in various programs (like Visio, Word or Excel). An attempt at understanding the big picture can feel like trying to fit a gigantic jigsaw puzzle together.

Institutionalizing a best practices framework is made easier when your daily processes are managed through a single database. The right business process management (BPM) software is the key to successfully implementing APQC’s PCF.

How Interfacing can help

EPC Software: A Comprehensive Approach to Best Practices

Interfacing Technologies’ Enterprise Process Center™ (EPC) software is an excellent solution that will enable your organization to leverage the import of standardized libraries such as the APQC framework. Applying APQC through EPC allows you to put the pieces of your organization’s departmental processes together and gain a better understanding of your big picture. That way you can make improvements that do not conflict with any particular department or business function.

Furthermore, the ability to manage your organization’s activities at a comprehensive level moves you towards a more efficient, procedural way of thinking. Using the APQC framework with EPC adapts and customizes the software platform to your particular business needs and circumstances.

With the EPC platform’s systematic approach to the management of all your organization’s processes, you can:

  • Ensure that best practices are consistently executed and better manage your risk profile,
  • Improve your organization’s overall operational efficiency.

The EPC platform is straightforward and easy to use. Even the most complex processes can be streamlined and understood at a glance, saving you valuable time and giving you the ability to stay on top of process performance.