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Industry Expert Webinar Series

Dealing with today’s fast-paced environment and the need to keep up with new technologies has become an unprecedented challenge. With change keeping you from trying innovative approaches, the epidemic that can overcome an organization stems from a 65+ year old operating model.

Don’t fall behind your competitors. Our webinar series featuring world class guest experts focus on helping you improve your organization’s performance through applied Digital Transformation, whether you’re interested in informal ways to approach the concept or looking to dive knee-deep into concrete measures, there’s a webinar for you.

The topics of our webinars cover a wide range of business challenges such as finding ways to retain and centralize knowledge, helping standardize quality and fostering new ways of improvement. Learn from the best with business case studies, expert feedback on what does and doesn’t work and quick tips on how you can improve your business performance today.

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Webinar: Next-Generation Operational Excellence

Brad Power October 31st 2017 11am EDT



Legacy organizations committed to process improvement can look back on years, even decades, of success stories achieved by a slow, steady approach to operational excellence. But in today’s world – when customer wants and technology can shift seismically overnight – is that enough?

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Past Webinars

New Designs for New Times



 August 9th 2017


Steven Stanton, 

Managing Partner of FCB Partners, has participated in the development of many of the most innovative and valuable business ideas of the past ten years such as Business Reengineering, Process Management, and Smart Work, a revolutionary way of creating value.

Mr. Stanton is also known as the co-author, with Dr. Michael Hammer, of the New York Times best-selling “Reengineering Revolution” and the Harvard Business Review article “How Process Organizations Really Work.”

Understanding Business Architecture



 September 20th, 2017

Bernard Gagnon

M.A.Sc. is Co-Founder and President of ASATE Group Inc. He has more than 30 years of experience working with organizations in the aerospace, banking, biotech, investment, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, transportation, and utility industries.

Pierre Hadaya

Ph.D. is a professor at the School of Management of Université du Québec à Montréal. As Co-Founder of ASATE Group Inc., Dr. Hadaya also collaborates with organizations striving to transform themselves so they can develop a competitive advantage.