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itcgoesorange-newsInterfacing is proud to announce that following a successful one-year proof-of-concept in 2016, Orange has purchased a global deployment of Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) and are rolling out worldwide. Orange S.A. (263 million customers, 170,000 employees) evaluated multiple leading business process management applications on the market but stated that Interfacing’s Gartner® recognized EPC was the only tool that met all their needs.

 Orange, like most Telcos, have the challenge to effectively release close to 800 different products per year across within multiple nations and channels (online, kiosks, stores, etc). The Design-for-Reuse project is an innovative program whereby the EPC repository will facilitate the reuse of processes (and related artifacts: systems, roles, documents, etc) to increase standardization, improve quality and accelerate time-to-market.

Interfacing is very excited to have one of the world’s largest telecom operators as a global EPC client and look forward to many years of close collaboration! Welcome aboard Orange!

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