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Interfacing Technologies Recognized as Global Leader in BPM & QMS Solutions Across Americas, EMEA, and Europe

Montreal, 20/12/2023Interfacing Technologies, the global leader in business transformation, has been honored with prestigious recognition by G2 as the Global Leading BPM (Business Process Management) and QMS (Quality Management System) solution in the Americas, EMEA, and Europe. Additionally, Interfacing has been acclaimed for “Best Relationship” within the Enterprise space by G2, reaffirming its commitment to fostering strong connections with its clients.

Interfacing’s AI-Powered, Process-based QMS has been rated as a High Performer in every continent and category surveyed by G2, including BPM, Low-code software development, and QMS. This recognition underscores Interfacing’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to efficiently govern business complexity.


Interfacing Technologies stands at the forefront of business transformation, offering intuitive and powerful solutions for organizations looking to navigate the challenges of modern business landscapes. The company’s business process management software and quality management solutions are designed with business users in mind, streamlining multiple organizational programs within a single platform.

Interfacing’s comprehensive suite of solutions covers the full spectrum of process management, quality, governance, improvement, and compliance initiatives. The recognition from G2 further solidifies Interfacing’s position as a global leader, trusted by enterprises across the Americas, EMEA, and Europe for their BPM and QMS needs.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by G2 as the Global Leading #BPM and #QMS solution across multiple regions. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions that empower organizations to navigate and succeed in today’s dynamic business environment,” said Scott Armstrong, Managing Partner at Interfacing.

About Interfacing Technologies:

Interfacing Technologies is a global leader in business transformation, providing organizations with cutting-edge solutions for business process management and quality management. With a focus on user-friendly designs, Interfacing empowers businesses to streamline their processes, enhance governance, drive improvement, and ensure compliance. For more information, visit

Why Interfacing?

Interfacing’s Digital Twin Organization software provides transparency and Governance to improve Quality, Efficiency, and ensure Regulatory Compliance.

Map, analyze, and automate processes, manage regulatory compliance, assess risks within a single platform! Interfacing’s digital twin solution (Enterprise Process Center – EPC) is an enterprise management system that helps companies digitalize processes to streamline operations, increase productivity, and continuously improve.

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low code rapid application development

Gain Agility with the Digital Business Platform

Interfacing’s Low-Code Rapid Application Development software solution provides all the tools to create and deploy  Custom, Scalable, Secure and Mobile ready Applications in days vs. months!

compliance and risk

Risk & Control

learn how we comply with laws and regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, Basel III, IMF, HIPPA, FDA, ISO 15000, among others.

low code rapid application development

Gain Transparency with the Enterprise Process Center®

Interfacing’s Digital Twin Organization software provides the transparency and Governance to improve Quality, Efficiency and ensure Regulatory Compliance.

low code rapid application development

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