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RHC and Interfacing Commit to Industry-Leading Client Value Proposition; Advancing Retail Technology Transformation Using Innovative Data Solutions

Dubai, U.A.E., July 7, 2020 – RETAIL HEART Consulting (RHC) is based in the U.A.E. where the retail industry is booming and demonstrates utmost world-class standards. The RETAIL HEART Team has deep knowledge of the Middle East market and culture along with two decades or 20 years of expertise in the retail domain, showing evidence of successful references among most of the major retailers in the region.

RHC is committed to helping retailers of all sizes to meet their business goals in today’s challenging economy. Work with clients to define their strategies and improve their operations with retail best practices, appropriate methodologies, business processes, and information technology solutions.

RHC’s clientele is a “Who’s Who” of the Regional and Global Retail Leaders with whom it has been involved in highly successful strategic projects like retail brand creation, business processes re-engineering, ERP Implementation, loyalty programs, hypermarket openings, strategy definition and implementation, executive coaching, as well as a private, white-label strategy as a few examples.

Monique Legault, Executive Director Retail Heart Consulting and leader of RHC’s process consulting practice said on the alliance “We searched for a solution that would address all requirements for a critically important client project based on globally accepted standards for process management, and a data-driven process management solution that is managed within a single user-friendly centralized repository.  Additionally, our needs included the solution to be available both on-premise and cloud-based with no change in functionalities.

It must be easily scalable, with process governance, cross-functional collaboration, and multi-language support (including Arabic & right-to-left text) while being easy to use and adopt by all employees. We found that Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center® was the best match that ticked all the boxes with the most compelling value proposition”. Monique further added, “Our experience with Interfacing has been highly beneficial, leading us to adopt the solution as part of our standard practice and pitch the value of the tool within many of our other projects.”

This strategic alliance will help address the needs of the retail industry in the Middle East, and European markets by leveraging Interfacing’s flagship solution for requirements analysis, process redesign, automation, integration, and monitoring. As experienced consultants to the retail industry, RHC and Interfacing Technologies will collaborate to co-create greater value for its customers where they will reimagine, redesign, and transform businesses together.


Scott Armstrong, Interfacing’s Managing Partner commented “Interfacing is extremely excited to enter into a strategic alliance with Retail Heart Consulting, a highly trusted business service provider to leading retail corporations. We can leverage RHC’s industry expertise, market knowledge, to jointly deliver large scale retail digital transformation, compliance and improvement programs.   It’s more important now than ever before for the retail industry to re-evaluate their current work methods, digitize, and emerge from the recent pandemic stronger and more agile.  The alliance is truly a win-win opportunity.”

About Interfacing

Interfacing Technologies is a global leader in business and digital transformation, empowering organizations to efficiently govern business complexity through the process and data-based quality, performance, and compliance management solutions. Interfacing’s solutions are intuitively designed for business users, facilitating multiple organizational programs within a single platform and covering the full spectrum of automation, improvement, and governance initiatives.

About RHC

RHC provides Strategic Consulting, Focus Services and Operational assistance to the retail industry at large in Middle East and Asia, as well as in Europe. RETAIL HEART is based in the city of Dubai where the retail sector is boosted by vibrant regional and global actors developing world-class retail infrastructures and services. The RETAIL HEART team has a deep knowledge of the Middle East market and culture and demonstrates references among the major retailers. The team has international exposure, with tremendous experience in Europe, North America, Asia, and Middle East.


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Interfacing’s solutions are intuitively designed for business users; facilitating multiple organizational programs within a single platform and covering the full spectrum of quality, improvement and governance initiative.