RSM ROC & Company, the most respected mid-level accounting, tax audit, compliance audit and management consulting group in Puerto Rico, selected Interfacing Technologies as its process/compliance management vendor of choice.

RSM ROC Partnership

We found the Interfacing EPC (Enterprise Process Center) one of the easiest platforms to integrate to any organization to achieve a collaborative and sustainable Process, Knowledge and Compliance management. What is key to the success of any such platform is how easy it is integrated to become a part of any role and responsibility and how it can easily evolves as both people and processes change.

Jose Gomez

Sr. Partner, ROC

The RSM ROC-Interfacing first joint project is planned for the PepsiCo Cidra plant, who has been looking to transform their individual process documentation into a collaborative process repository tied to each manager and role. The objective is to automate their global Compliance requirements and at the same time create a process driven knowledge platform to drive continuous improvements in all aspects of their operations.

ROC impressed me with its legacy in the region and the approach to revitalizing businesses in today’s tough competitive and regulatory environment. Our teams are already engaged as one unit delivering value together to Puerto Rican enterprises and looking forward to extend this experience to the ROC Dominican Republic clients as well.

Meir Levi

CEO, Interfacing Technologies

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