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Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center® (EPC), positioned amongst global leaders by Gartner® will be the ultimate tool to empower your digital transformation from strategy to execution! Our solutions cover process modeling and analysis, collaboration, GRC, document management, auditing, and more.

Interfacing is a leader in Enterprise Business Process Management on G2

Quality Management System (QMS)

We understand that the requirements placed on organizations in terms of compliance are very high and that ISO 9000, ISO 13845, ISO 27000, FDA QSR and GxP is an essential part of that program. By using our solution, your company gains the accountability and consistency that will give you a cutting edge over your competition. Our tools ensure full visibility from end-to-end, all the way from the creation and amendment of a regulation to the approval and revision of the content through to the update and retraining of employees for standard operating procedures (SOPs). We see the full lifecycle management as moving parts of a complete ecosystem and that’s why our unique approach that combines regulatory requirements, documents, processes, work instructions, and governance.


Ensure eQMS regulatory compliance

Search, Reporting & Dashboards on ALL content (incl. custom attributes)

Secure & Scalable Cloud

Digital SOPs & Custom Document Generation

Mobile Responsive & Touch Enabled

Localizable Variants of Process & Multi-Language Toggle (with auto-translation)

Gartner® recommended

Enterprise Process Center® recognized by Gartner® as a global leading Digital Twin, Business Operation System, Operational Intelligence & Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) including inclusion within all sub-categories as well (Enterprise Architecture, QMS, EQMS, Business Process Analysis, Strategy-to-Execution & Workflow Automation).

Optimize Your Quality Operations


Securely and efficiently manage your quality data from
anywhere in the world.

Nonconformance Management

Enable your organization to identify, document, evaluate and review quality problems to their final conclusion.

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

Document, plan, investigate, implement changes and perform root cause analysis for resolution of all quality issues.

Document Management

Utilize collaboration tools, email approvals, electronic signature, and revision controls that accelerate the review and approval times for original document creations and changes.

Training Management

Manage and organize employee compliance, job qualifications, certifications or any training related information for easy access.

Audit Management

Manage a wide range of audit-related activities and support internal or external audits, as well as operational, supplier and IT audits.

Change Management

Record and control all changes in a single system, including changes for product documents, services, and facilities.

Complaints Management

Better manage customer complaints, document product issues and requests in order to reduce cost, improve service and ensure compliance while increasing your productivity.

Supplier Quality Management

Get centralized records of all suppliers and communicate critical performance information in order to assure greater quality of raw materials.

A Solution Designed for the needs of Modern Industry

Companies moving to EQMS have partnered with Interfacing to deploy workflow solutions involving management and automation of point-to-point business processes. This includes health sciences (including patient-related), manufacturing, administrative, financial and  industry processes for example.
Interfacing’s process optimization & automation, SOP documentation digitalization and proactive regulatory vigilance solution, Enterprise Process Center© Suite has brought about significant time savings with accelerated approval & validation, improved visibility and operational improvements for customers including the following:

End-to-end alignment – Single Source of Truth

The EPC allows your organization to easily align departments, regulations, procedures, controls, within a single repository to enable quick and standardized continuous improvements. Our technology allows information fragmenting to build reusable data fragments.

Accelerated approvals and validation

Interfacing EQMS solution delivers sustained time saving by reduced training, updating and re-training time. The integrated approval, review and endorsement workflow also helps streamline the validation of new version of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) through fragmented content review and approval cycles to aid decision-making.

Digital Signature and Multi-Factor Authentication

EPC meets the very stringent requirements associated with compliance for FSA QSR, ISO 9000, ISO 13845, GxP programs for example, and all SOPs and processes are parsed and documented, providing the audit trails meeting compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Record and Electronic Signature (ERES) and a host of other regulatory requirements through RSA encryption, vault key story, and multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Improved Speed and Agility

Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center© Suite is fully mobile and digital, providing your organization with the flexibility of quality documentation readily visible through a variety of means including phone, tablets, graphical and textual to boost employee agility and self-training.

Multi-language support, auto-translation and localized content

Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center© Suite provides insightful ways to manage global content, whether by automated translation suggestions for all fragments of content, or the ability to collect variance for SOPs by country, region or product-type

What Our Customers Say

EPC was the only tool that answered the project’s needs and requirements. We are rolling out corporate-wide to over 300 modelers & 120K employees!
Jean-Luc Heloin

Project Director, Orange Business Services

“Great Service and strong relationship” I like how responsive the team is, how fast in providing solutions, and how friendly and approachable they are. They provide support in everything ranging from technical issues to process modeling support when I am not able to figure out certain features. I always get my questions answered. The Live Chat is a great channel. 

Senior Manager Quality & Process Improvement , International Air Transport Association (IATA)

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