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Stuart Wright

Knowledge Center Implementation
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The oil and gas exploration industry is in the midst of a talent shortage. Employee turnover is high as well engineers are shifting to the highest paying employer. By moving from one company to the next, they also take their expertise and valuable project information with them. Stuart Wright, an internationally acclaimed well design consulting firm, is striving to mitigate that risk. By using the Enterprise Process Center®, project teams could map replicable task sequences that newly hired engineers could execute with ease, regardless of which stage a project might be in.

Final Results:

With the help of EPC, Stuart Wright was able to:

Employee Accountability

Enhanced employee accountability by clearly defining project roles.

Decreased Training Costs

Decreased training costs through intuitive training documentation.

Knowledge Center

Gave access to best practices through a knowledge center.

Reduced Resource Dependencies

Reduced resource dependencies by capturing “how to” knowledge in a multi-resource environment.

Total Process Governance

Provided a holistic view of existing processes, providing total process governance.

years of collective experience

level execution planning (started at level1)

The Challenge

Well development projects require intensive management due to continuous work rotations. Having a standard operating procedure is a key success factor that must be documented thoroughly. Therefore, the greatest challenge was to extract as much knowledge as possible from project teams before they would turn over. Luckily, the consulting firm’s extensive experience provided enough know how to fill any knowledge gaps they encountered.

Outcomes Achieved

The core well design process was mapped onto the EPC along with necessary inputs, outputs, roles, controls and performance measures to be monitored. Explanatory documents were added to provide greater detail. By moving their clients to a process culture, Stuart Wright was able to remove inconsistencies and ambiguities all the while providing them with detailed training material. This ultimately led to increased productivity and an increased bottom line.

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